Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


After I showered and washed of all the makeup and put on a pair of normal clothes (a white blouse and black jeans) I hear Tryffina outside my door. It's dinner. Hungry, I go to the dining room, where I find Cato, Adam, Skylie, Tryffina, Keela and Cato's stylist Makenna.

We sit around the table and are served by silent people.

"Why are they so quiet?" I ask Skylie.

"They can't speak", she answers seriously. "And you may not talk to them other then to give them orders".

"They are traitors, and got the tongue cut off", Adam said. "Seriously Clove, don't talk to them".

Why did he assume that I would talk to them anyway, after Skylie told me not to do that? But then it dawned upon me that he might see me as a child. Still.

"I'm not a little kid that didn't hear the first time", I hiss.

I'm staring at Cato. Why couldn't he say something? He doesn't think that I'm a little kid, and then he should at least say so. But no. He just sits there, quiet as a mouse and eats his damn salad.

"Maybe not now after the ceremony", Adam said.

I raise my eyebrow. Did he speak the truth?

"Yeah, you did really good Clove", Keela says and smiles widely.

My mood lightens, but I'm still a little annoyed at Cato. But then even he opens his mouth.

"Yes, I was surprised, you looked much more dangerous-looking then me, and I am the one with the big muscles".

And then he smiles.

I can't be mad at him anymore. Damn his smile!

After dinner we go to the living room to see replays of tonight's ceremony.

Carriage after carriage rolls out, but the carriage that really catches my attention, is the carriage from District 11.

A boy and a girl, both twelve years old, and twins. You can't see any difference between them, except the hair. The girl's hair reaches her to her waist and the boy is cut short. I saw them be chosen during replays, they looked tired and and worked out, their hair was worn, their freckled skin was dirty, even though they had dressed up.

Now they seem more alert, their hair shines and they are so sweet and charming that I almost feel sorry for them.


They will take part in the Hunger Games, and they will die. They don't have a chance to survive, because it's me and Cato that is going to win.

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