Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


When I get down to the stables Clove is already there. Wearing an exact copy of my costume, but a tiny version. She looks pretty small, but from what I've learned you should not judge by appearance, she may be small but she is as tough as me.

She is so adorable, but I keep a straight face when I arrive to her.

"Hey hottie", I say while I still have a natural face.

"Hey sexy", she replies.

But it's the last thing we said to each other before we stand on the carriage. And then everything changes, I turn away from Clove and pretend like she's not there.

Our carriage is number two to go out. When we get out, I hear the Capitol people scream and shouting at us. I see a glimpse of the big TV, and what catches my attention is Clove.

She no longer looks small and adorable, she looks dangerous. Now no one will see her as a child. Hah smart, I can't help but to feel proud, but once again I look ahead and devotes no attention to anything.

When the parade is finished we step off the carriage.

Adam, Skylie, Tryffina, my stylist Makenna and Clove's stylist comes up to us, all with big wide smiles.

I'm not surprised when Adam commends Clove, and after what I've heard Adam is not the one who commends very often.

I'm once again very proud of Clove. We walk towards the elevators in the training center. We have floor number two, so our elevator trip is not very long. We arrive to the floor. I take a deep breath, and are filled with excitement.

Here, we will prepare us for our life's bigges adventure.

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