This is the way the world ends.

... Not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door. 

• • •

Their journey to Brisbane had asked a lot of them, both physically and mentally. The days were long and exhausting, some of which consisted of little food or sleep, weakening them greatly. After having spent days out on the road, they were lucky to be back in the comforts of a house where they could stay dry, and were able to eat and sleep.

They'd been forced to flee Brisbane in a hurry the day before, and had ended up in one of its suburbs. Being hyper vigilant was something of a necessity in these times, and after checking for any immediate danger, they moved into one of the houses, of which the kitchen hadn't been completely raided. They had found canned beans and peaches, and though it wasn't much, it was better than nothing at all. At least they were able to gain some much needed strength this way.

Being able to rest had helped, too. When they'd arrived at the house, they were completely worn down. Their muscles were aching and they were in desperate need to catch their breath and have a proper sleep.

While they ate their breakfast, they talked about the journey that had brought them there and everything they had faced along the way. In the few weeks they had been out on the road, they had encountered more danger than they had in the entire two years before. They'd been in the comfort of safe places for so long, they had almost forgotten how scary it was to be out in the world, but they had been quickly reminded of the true horrors that lied out there and they were lucky to have made it so far, alive.

"Do you ever think about what happened to our old group?" Taryn asked, her voice was barely a whisper as if she almost didn't dare to ask.

"Not really," Michael shrugged. "They were crazy. I think they deserved what they had coming."

"Yeah," Taryn agreed. "But what about Bryce? Did she deserve it?"

Michael looked up from his food and directly into her eyes. They were usually a blue-green colour, but they looked more grey now and they were filled with guilt. "No," he said, shaking his head. "No, she didn't and I hope she got away safely. You taught her well." He put his hand on hers, rubbing the back of it with his thumb. "Don't blame yourself, please."

Before Taryn could respond, they were shaken up by a loud rattle of the back door. They both froze in their spots. Neither one of them dared to move a muscle.

Their eyes had widened at the sound, but instead of looking in the direction in which the loud rattling had come from, they stared straight at each other. No words were needed, as they both understood they were freaked out. They also weren't ready to fight what was on the other side of the door.


The thunderous sounds couldn't be ignored any longer.

The banging on the doors and windows got louder and louder, and Taryn and Michael each took deep breaths, trying to steel themselves for the inevitable battle ahead.


Taryn's head snapped to the right, taking in the light streaming through the blinds into the kitchen. She almost laughed to herself at the irony of a room lit up almost like Heaven, when in reality, there was nothing but Hell waiting on the other side.

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