Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


I open my eyes and yawn. And that's when I discover that Cato is next to me. I never left his room last night. His arms holds a protective grip on me. I hear the door open and then a horrified scream.

"What do you really think you are doing?"

Cato wakes up and I get up when his arms fall off me. He sits upp too.

It's Tryffina standing there in the doorway.

"Uh..." I get out.

"Tryffin... n ... na", Cato yawn.

"Come here Clove", Tryffina mills.

I obey her without hesitation.

"Forgive us Tryffina", I say.

"Oh well, now into your room and dress modestly before breakfast and the arrival to the Capitol", Tryffina says patiently.

When I hurry away, I almost run.

I come into my room and take out a pair of black jeans and a white blouse. I brush my hair and put it up in a pony tail.

When I come to breakfast half an hour later, everyone is already there.

I can see at Adam and Skylie that they know what happened this morning. I swallow hard, sits down on a chair next to Cato and wait for Adam and Skylie to start yell at us.

But they don't.

I eat a little iffy on a piece and drink a hot sweet liquid that Skylie told me is called hot chocolate. It's so quiet around the table, almost an embarrassed silent, as if I had confessed a crime before a judge.

"Oh, we're here", I here Tryffina say.

I turn around and see the window. Yep we are. I go up to the window and look out. So beautiful.

How would my life look like if I had been born here instead of District 2. I just know that I'm glad I was born where I was, otherwise I would never have met the guy who now comes and stands beside me.

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