Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


Tryffina takes us to the train in stress. Like we don't have time for anything at all.

On the train we meet our mentors Adam and Skylie. Skylie gives me a warm hug to welcome me. Cato shakes hands with Adam.

When I'm in my compartment, I get time to think everything through.

Why had no eighteen year old volunteered? It usually tends to be most difficult to choose between them. Does this meen that I could tell Cato how I feel?

I don't have time to go through all the thoughts before I meet the others at dinner.

Cato is alredy sitting at the table when I arrive. He have just showered, it shows in his went hair. He have a white shirt on that makes him look so damm sexy.

I quickly sit on the chair so I don't fall plump on my butt, because my legs start to shake so much under the green dress I put on me.

"What strategy do we have?" I ask.

"Oh we have plenty of time to discuss that", Adam answers. And then looks suspiciously at Cato who immediately begins to concentrate on his plate with a red face.

The evening flies and when I'm in my compartment there is a knock on the door.

"Yes?" The door opens and Cato enters the room.

"Cato?" I say.

"Close your eyes", he says fast.


"Just close your eyes". I do as he says.

I'm totally unprepared for what happens next. He comes so close that I can feel his heavy breaths. Our lips melt together. His lips are so warm and soft. When I open my eyes again Cato is gone.

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