Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I've been training for ten years. And finally I have reached the age of eighteen. Finally. I will sign up as a volunteer. Mother and father will be proud, and my older brothers as well.

But there's a catch.


I have always had feelings for her, but I've never even talked to her, so how can I confess my feelings? Lots of girls have been hanging after me. I've tried to have relationships with a few girls, but it has never gone well, because the only girl I actually like, and have real feelings for, is Clove.

It's too late though, tomorrow it's time for me to take place in the Hunger Games. If I'm lucky I will return to District 2 and to Clove. She is the only one I have to come back to, because let's face it, my family would be proud, they would not miss me at all. It's to Clove I will make sure I come home to.

The next day there are many peacekeepers here. Well more than usual at least, there's always a lot of peacekeepers here since we train them. Duh.

I stand with the other eighteen year olds. And up on stage comes Tryffina Sprinkle. District 2's escort. Everything goes so fast. It's like a dream. Or better yet a nightmare. Because I'd never imagine what was going to happen next. I volunteer and than Clove's name is called out.

No one from the girls who are eighteen volunteer. Why? Why wouldn't they volunteer? I know at least four girls who'd decided to volunteer. And now they won't? What the hell?

Now I know what my aim in the arena will be though. Get the two of us back home.

In the Hunger Games we get home in district pair or not at all.

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