Rosy or Jane??

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Barry's POV :

I was looking at him surprised.
He is the one who converted Rosy into a vampire. But, why is he here? And how does he know me? Why is he telling me that he converted Rosy?

"So, what do you want to tell me?"I asked.
"I wanted to tell you the truth about Rosy. Who she really is, in reality."he said.

Then he continued when he saw that I was listening carefully,"I met Rosy at a carnival, hundred years ago. I fell for her beauty at first sight. She told me that she loves me and that she wanted my help to leave her home. I offered for running away but she said she wanted her father to kill her by himself so that he never comes to find her. That made me surprised but she knew who I was and wanted to become one. When she went back she met you. Then she made a plan. A plan that involved you falling in love with her and then her running away with you, after her father comes to know about both of you. She knew that her father will come after both of you and kill you two. But, she won't die as she will have my blood in her system."

Then he looked at me. I was surprised at what I was hearing, unable to process it through.
He saw my reaction and continued,"Barry, she never loved you. She just used you like she used me. After a year of her becoming a vampire, she left me too. Now, she saw you with a girl who looks just like her, her ego was hurt and so she wants you back. So, now you have to take a stand! Show her who is love of your life. Tell her whom you really love!"

He said and went away. I kept staring at him, trying to process whatever he just said to me.
I have to make her understand that I don't love her! She is nothing to me now! She just used me!

I came to the river side. She told me to find her here when I have my answer ready.

"Rosy!!"I called out and saw her coming towards me smiling.

"So, you finally understood your feeling and have come to confess it to me."she said smiling.

"Yes, I have finally understood my feelings. I know now whom I really love, who is the love of my life."I said smiling.

"So, tell me Barry."she said and smiled.
"Jane! I only love Jane! She is the love of my life! Only and only her! It took me whole week to come here and say this because of the guilt I had, of not being able to save you and I was able to live without you, but I can't live without Jane."I said smiling.

She raised an eyebrow.
"What? What did you say?"she asked me.

"I love Jane! You! You are the one who used me for your own benefit. You never loved me. You just used me that time and now too. You know, when you died infront of me, I was guilty for not being able to save you. That guilt never left my heart, that's why I was hesitating in choosing Jane. But, today when I met Eric and came to know about the truth, all my guilt changed into hate. Now, I will go back to Jane and live my happy life with her until she is there in this world and will die with her."I said and turned to walk away.

"Never mind. You met Eric and now you know the truth."she said from behind and when I looked back she was gone.

So, she understood that she was wrong. I should call Jane, she must be worried about me . She must be waiting for my call.

I called her,"Jane!!! I am back. I am coming to meet you now. Bye. I love you!"I said and hang up the call.

Jane's POV :

My phone rang. I picked up without seeing the number. Barry haven't called for a week and I am so worried about him.

"Hello!!"I said into my phone as soon as I answered it.
"Barry!!! you too!"I said and turned around smiling and was shocked to see a girl who looked exactly like me standing there.

She was my true copy except her hair which was brown. Who is she???

Rosy have come to meet Jane, what will she tell her? What effect will this have on Barry's and Jane's relationship?

I was thinking of adding a additional chapter as a gift for you all which will include Rosy's life and all about her. What do you think should I write about her or not??

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