20 || The Suspicious Burglary

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"Khushali, please save me! Please save me! I don't want to die now. Please save me," said Sagar, in a very terror filled voice.

"What? But, Sagar, where are you?" said Khushali, worried.

"I don't know. It's just a dark room and I can't make out anything," replied Sagar with the same tone as earlier.

"Please try to focus and see if you could make out anything. Please, Sagar," said Khushali, trying her best to not break down.

"No, Khushali, I can't ... NO!" screamed Sagar.

"SAGAR?!" shouted Khushali. And then it all fell silent.

Slowly Khushali opened her eyes and found herself in her bedroom in Mehra mansion. And the realisation dawned on her that what she saw some seconds before, was nothing but a nightmare. The same nightmare that she experienced some nights before and after Sagar's death. And what was common between all the three times was that, neither she could understand it that time nor she could do it now, as it made no sense at all to her.

Throwing the comforter off, Khushali sat up on the bed. The room was already lighted with natural light of the Sun and she knew it was past her usual waking up time. Comparatively, the other side of the bed seemed colder and lighter as she kept her hand on the bed and immediately her turned to the side of bed Sidharth always slept on. As per her guess, it was empty and Khushali wondered where did he go so early, though it was just half past 8 in morning.

The first thought that came into her mind was that maybe he went over to Mayera's place, but then it seemed unreasonable as Sidharth had left for his work as early as 7 in morning many times. Not really in mood to let her mind imagine nonsensical things, she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Few minutes later, she came out of the washroom and instantly a smile found its way to her lips as she saw her husband waiting for her with a tray laden with coffee mugs and chocolates. With the smile on her face intact, and a little guilt for unintentionally thinking her husband for leaving to meet Mayera, she strode toward the bed.

"Good morning, wifey," wished Sidharth, passing Khushali a coffee mug as she settled down.

"Good morning, hubby," wished back Khushali, settling on the bed beside him.

"So, how was your sleep last night? Mine was good though after three nights I finally slept beside my wifey. It was peaceful and calming," said Sidharth, sipping his coffee.

"It was nice, relaxing since I was quite tired after the party," said Khushali, "I loved the party and the surprise a lot!" She pecked Sidharth's cheek.

Her unexpected peck on his cheek, made Sidharth smile gleefully and he said, "Well, I think I should plan more surprises like this to get more surprise kisses from you or maybe something more." He winked at the end of his sentence.

"Acha?" said Khushali, flirting, "Then you should plan bigger surprises to get more than just a peck."

"Ohho, wifey, flirting with your hubby early morning, good progression I must say. I think you should have frequent stays at her parents' home if you'll become more flirtatious after every visit," said Sidharth, leaning toward her.

Khushali saw him leaning in and playfully pushed him back, making him lie back on the bed. A giggle escaped through Khushali's lips, but soon horror took over as Sidharth pulled her toward himself and she landed on his chest. The terror evident on her face, she stared at him, easily guessing from the mischievous look in his eyes that Sidharth wasn't intending to kiss her, rather he was going to repeat his prank on her that he had played on their wedding night.

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