Chapter 6

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We walk through the heavy metal doors. Even Bobby looks scared and thats saying something. It's awful. Grim pastes the walls and only a single lightbulb swings from the ceiling creating shawdows on the floor. The smell though is disgusting, mold is smeared everywhere making  an eggy, sicky scent cling to our clothes. King Falkon has put on what looks like a gas mask and one by one, so do his soldiers. Surprisingly Bobby doesn't touch his which makes me want to slap him in the face for being so stupid.

The screaming gets louder as we approach another metal door. My heart is thumping so loudly that it's a wonder how no one can hear it. I feel like breaking down to my knees and begging the King to let me go, but can't bring myself to bare that kind of humiliation, let alone infront of Bobby Dillan. The door opens with a long, droaning squeak making the airs on my neck stand up and a small shiver escapes down my spine where the throbbing still is. I close my eyes, not wanting to see the horrors before me.

"Will." Bobby whispers

"WILL!" He says louder, but just so I can hear him.

I open one eye a tiny bit and turn to face him.

"What?" I say shakily, never have I been so scared in my life. 

"I'm going to get you out of here," He says scrunching up his face when another scream wails from behind me, "You don't deserve this." 

"Why are you doing this Bobby?" I ask 

"Because, because...."

"MR DILLAN! BRING THE....'girl'...FORWARD!" King Falkon yells from somewhere behind us. 

"Yes, Sir!" He yells back.

I turn round slowly, opening my eyes. I am faced with a glass window looking into what looks like a....torture chamber. A woman is spread across a metal table with her wrists bolted to metal chains strapped across her middle. Sweat is pouring down her cheeks and blood is dribbling from her lips making her gag. Three men in white suits stand around her grinning. I look away. Yes I murdered people, yes I played with them before they died but no.....not that. I can't die like this, or watch someone die before me. Not like this. 

"Now.......tell me, are you the notorious Willow Mjay?" The King asks me

I just stare blankly ahead of me.

"I think we both know that you are. I just didn't know you would come to me, making my job of killing much easier. Thank you." He sneers through his perfectly white teeth.

"Well Willow, that woman lying on that well,....." He is interrupted by another scream of pain. 

I peer closer at her features. Her face has the shape and look of someone beautiful even though it's all beaten and bruised. I dig my hand into my pocket. Something brushes against my fingers. I dig my hand deeper down and clasp my finger around what feels like a piece of paper. I take it out and unfold it, careful not to rip it. The photograph I took from Richmand. I look at it closely and smile. They look so happy, then you look at me, look what my life's like. I glance back at the woman on the table, her face scrunched up in pain.

"I will continue, seeing as I was rudely interupted!" The King yells, banging on the glass window making the woman turn to face us. 

I gasp. That woman is in the photo. She was Richmand's wife. 

Suddenly her eyes widen and lock on me. The corners of her mouth slightly move as she tries I watch her as she starts screaming at me.

"WHISSY!!......WHISSY!!!!" She screams out at the top of her lungs. 

I stand there in shock, as she tries to sit up. I'm not Whissy, I'm Willow I think to myself. Bobby reaches for my hand and squeezes it tightly in his. I breathe in slowly trying to think who I may look like.

"That woman is well....your mother." The King spits out.

The whole world freezes as I take in what he just said. I drop the photo. No, she can't be, it can't be true. I fall to the floor still holding Bobby's hand. 



"You'll pay for what you did to me." Harper spits at me

I'm lying on a table, strapped to it with heavy metal chains. They're piercing my skin. 

Harper walks up to me with a chainsaw. Her eyes filled with fire. 

"Harper! Please! NO!" I scream


She pulls the string on her weapon making the blades start moving. Fast. I gulp back tears as she digs it into my leg. Pain overwhelms me. Blood starts foaming in my mouth making me gag. 



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