✥ Andre Wester ✥

My name's Andre - but you already knew that.

I was born to Daniel and Tilly Wester, you probably already know them too. The Wester's are know for reputation and wealth.

Yeah, I'm pretty hot if I say so myself. Distinct shocking blue eyes, dark hair and a killer smile, a complete 'babe-magnet' as some like to say.

Do I like to have fun?
Hell to the friggin' yeah! What's life for otherwise?

I go to Heighton academy and as a senior, I'm making my last year a killer.

You name it; Parties, hotties, and other stuff. I'll probably score a couple of girls, who am I kidding? I'll probably score the entire cheerleading team and the school's population of sexy-ass girls. My best so far is fifty-one in a semester, new aim - to beat that.

I've always imagined this year as most interesting since breaking up with Jess who is basically one of the hottest girls in our year, I've set myself higher goals.

Of course she was distraught, but who cares? I have to be available. 


I stared at my reflection. Perfection, if I do say so myself.

Tight-fitted t-shirt and Levi jeans, of course sexily accompanied by my must-do leather jacket. I slipped on my aviator glasses and felt complete. I'd mastered the look.

Grabbing my bag, I jumped into my baby - the Ferrari 458 spider waiting outside for me. Yes, appearance was a must. What you looked liked was what people percieved you as so typically a large part of my allowance was spent on stuff.

That's just it - stuff.

Cars, clothes, shoes, calvin klein boxers.

Dad was an international business man. He travelled almost all the time, visiting partners and securing deals. Mom, on the other hand, stayed at home with me - not that she was useful or anything. Tilly Wester was usually going on lavish spas or on glamour shopping sprees with the 'girlies'. As part of a simple guilt that they couldn't spend time with me, large sums of money were regularly transferred into my account.

As if the the money meant that it didnt matter that they were never there.

That was the one thing I hated them both for, but it didn't mean I would use every dime they gave.

When I arrived, Heighton academy's parking lot was alive and buzzing. Giggling freshmans greeted their friends and bunched in corners revelling in the new atmosphere. Sophmores that were trying way to hard strutted around displaying their new-found power, coming back older and stronger. Of course there were the juniors and seniors. From a quick scan over the heaving crowds, I could see a few potential girlfriend's around.

Yeah, I thought, this year was going to be great.

Almost immediately as I stepped out of my car, I could feel the longing stares. I smirked, typical. I strolled towards the massive building, keeping relatively cool. After all, I was used to this kind of attention, most of it from females.

From then came the greetings.

"Hey Andre." I nodded to Mark,

"What's up bro?"

I continued my walk through the corridors, "Hi Andre." Another said.

"'Dre, what's kickin' dude?" Someone asked.

I replied to each one with a nod, a smile or, for the ladies, a relaxed wave. In truth it felt good to be known.

As I turned a corner, I evaluated a group of sexy seniors dragging my eyes slowly over a number of them at once before walking on. Immediately, there were hushed whispers and giggles behind me.


It was simple girl-math: Give them a little attention and they turn into freshmans all over again.

I smiled as I recognised Jennifer walking down the hallways. Jennifer Marcey was hot, as she made her way through the corridors she flaunted mini-shorts filled with great legs and a tight top. She was sporty and made a good impression on most people, but I guess she invested her brain cells in her massive melons and plump ass because the girl was stone-cold dumb.

She wandered over, automatically sticking out her chest as she got closer.

"Hey Andre." she fluttered her eyelashes and twiddled her hair around her finger suggestively. We'd done a little snogging in sophmore year, and my hands had found their way under her top.

But that was about it.

I might have to reconsider that choice this year, I thought. She pouted sexily obviously waiting for a reply then realised I was checking her out and blushed fiercely.

I nodded sleekly. "See you later Jen." I slid off my sunglasses and winked. That kind of performance had to have her in the palm of my hands, I supposed she was probably wet already. The hoe.

Jen was beautiful, but her reputation was a no-go, the only added benefit was available to guys like me - sex.

I walked towards the board surrounded by others in my year, thee classes for each student were displayed here.

Hopefully, mine would be interesting.


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