10 : [ The Night Class ]

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We need to have a mask that we never take off


I moved to the Moon Dormitory the first thing the next morning, where the Night Class stays. Fortunately, most of the vampires were sleeping and I didn't run into any of them in the process of moving in.

The Moon Dormitory was more like an aristocrat's mansion than a student dormitory, complete with a luxurious grand living room and a large staircase. When I moved in, I had almost thought that I entered the wrong building. Like Headmaster Cross had said, I was surprised to find that when I entered my room, most of my things have already been moved and arranged. Due to my situation and what I am, I also didn't have a roommate.

Since I wasn't going to start school as a Night Class student until next Monday, I could still roam around for a few days and not worry about the Day Class' reactions until then, but it wouldn't be long from now.

"How did I get myself involved in this?" I thought to myself, leaning back on the window frame, "How was I stupid enough to let my guard down and have Kaname find out?"

At least I no longer had to act like a kind, lovable schoolgirl now that my identity had been uncovered. As I sat near the window, I pushed my head back up and stared at my new Night Class uniform that hung on the knob of the closet doors.

-What bad taste. The white of the uniform would completely blend with my white hair and I would look like a piece of paper. Hmph, I liked the Day Class uniform better.-

Currently, I was still wearing my Day Class uniform since class was in session when I had to move and I didn't have anything else to wear at that time. Although I did prefer this uniform, I couldn't wear it around here, so I walked over to the closet and picked out a black turtleneck and a black skirt. Unbuttoning the Day Class uniform, I slid the top and bottom off and put on the turtleneck and skirt.

-Anyway, they should have a kitchen somewhere here, right? I guess I'll go make myself some coffee.-

Standing up, I made my way to the door and opened in quietly before looking around the dark hallway to make sure none of the vampires were awake yet. Ever since the encounter with Kaname I had decided to wear the eyepatch constantly now instead of just carrying it around. Thankfully, none of them were around yet and I carefully walked down the stairs. I searched the place for several minutes before finding the kitchen.

With great effort, I reached up to grab a cup from the cabinet. If only I was a little taller, or maybe if things were a little closer to me, life would be easier. For some reason, they already had boiled water, so I poured some into the cup and took out a packet of instant coffee from my pocket.

As I sipped the warm coffee slowly and stirred it, I started to exit the kitchen when I suddenly heard several voices outside. Quickly, I leaned against the side of the entrance and away from them so they couldn't see me.

"Hey, I heard we're having a new student today."

"Huh? Who is it? A pureblood? Aristocrat? Don't tell me, a lower class?"

"Shut up, it's too early for my ears to be bothered by your nagging, Aido."

I flinched at that name and gripped the spoon tightly, feeling the metal bend slightly under my fingers.

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