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this chapter is for those who wants to know what the letter contains(refer on chapter 1 "shifting")

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Seth's POV

(a/n: this took time on the day of the rejection)

"hey man" greeted Jake the soon to be beta, my beta.

"hey" i greeted back

"today's the day huh? are you excited?"


my name is Seth, i have blue green eyes, dirty blonde hair with highlights, and who is, as of today, the alpha of the Moonbeam pack

'and today's the day we'll find our mate' said my wolf

. . .

we were about to enter the school when jake excused himself,saying that he forgot something in the pack house

as i entered the hallway, i smelled the sweetest scent of vanilla and cinnamon

unconsiously, i followed the scent, only to be blocked by a huge crowd

'MATE!' exclaimed Syber, my wolf


loud cheering and laughing interrupted me from our conversation

i finally made my way through the crowd , only to see Vanessa, my dad's old beta's adopted daughter , trying to run away.

"where do you think your going huh bitch?!"

she turned around and thats when the scent hit me

'that pathetic thing is my mate?!'

'dont say that to our mate!'

'oh shut up will you?! damn what did I do to have her as a mate?'



i looked around only to see my pack members wearing shocked faces

'what?' i asked them through the pack link

'she's your mate!!?' a pack member asked

and thats when I snapped

"what did you say?! you think i would let a weak little bitch like you be my mate?!"

"b-but we-were a-are"

"then guess what? i seth voir, reject you, vanessa truce as my mate"

different emotions started to fill me, and when i looked at her, i saw the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, so beutiful that i bet it would haunt me in my dreams

that was the last thing i saw from here when immense pain shot though me

"w-whats happening?!"

"she's shifting!"


'guys! a huge black wolf just passed through me, i can't keep up! and its heading towards the pack house!' jake screamed through our link, panic clear in his voice

. . .

<in the pack house>

we followed the scent until we reached Vanessa's ... room

"why would the wolf of the prophecy come here?" jake asked

i ignored the question , wanting to find out if she's in danger because ... of some reason i do not know

we searched the entire room only to find a letter that has the scent all over it

"you rejected her?"

i nodded

"w-what does it say?" i asked,trying to change the subject, but instead of an answer, i recieved a punch instead."what the hell man?!"

"read it yourself if you want to find out!" and with that , he stomped out of the room looking like a bomb ready to explode


it says:

dear 'pack',

you probably dont care

but i'm leaving and im not coming back, and if i ever do, pepare yourself

'cuz im not the weak little girl you all believed me to be

i'm strong and WE will be stronger

i will make all of you regret what you did to me ...

Oh and MATEy? I Vanessa truce accept Seth Voir's rejection as mates

-yours truly

vanessa and diego

(p.s. dont look for me)

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'oh shit'


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