shes under a spell..i know!

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Draco's POV

Me and Granger and the rest of the class waited for the next instruction that Professor Snape is going to tell us. He dramatically went in front of me and Granger.
"" He slowly said-both me and Granger nodded.

"I want all the girls to line up In a line in front of my desk...and all the boys line up front.....of..them!" He slowly finished. The girls lined up in front of us, and Professor Snape gave each of them the love potion. I bet, Pansy is going to me..

"Now, ladies.....drink...the potion...together!" He instructed-all the girls drank it at once and went to their person whom they are attracted to. Pansy went to Blaise-Lavender Brown went to Weasley (I was surprised about that!) and Ginny Weasley went with Potter! I was stunned how Pansy didn't come to me...oh well, I didn't really want her to come.

I looked up at the front to see Granger still at the front looking like she's struggling. She put her hands on her chest- I don't know what this feeling is but its not good! I wanted to go up to her to see if she's okay...NO DRACO! This is mudblood ! She's nothing to you! Stop feeling this way!

I slowly went up to Granger and put  my hands on her back.
"H-Hermione?"I said—wait, did I just say her by her first name..!? what is wrong with me!?!?
"A-are you okay..?" Why am I so worried about her!? Stop it Draco!
"D-D-Draco...." She whispered as she looked up at me and I saw that her eyes were watering. I looked back at the others and their potion wore off-I was surprised that it didn't on Hermione's.

"I-I can't do this.....I'm not falling for you, I swear!" She whispered to me-what?
"What do you mean?" I asked
"I think I'm in love with you.....!" She whispered in shock- don't blame me, I was surprised as well-why would Granger fall in love for me! She's just in a potion!

"You're funny, Granger! You're just under a spell!" I chuckled—I want to believe her but it's-I don't know...hard!
"No...Draco...I think I am attracted to you...." She said, now shaking. I slowly stood up.
"Leave her alone, Malfoy!!" Weasley said walking towards me-
"Mr.Weasley......move....bacK!" Professor Snape threatened as Weasley moved back.

"No you're not! You're lying!!" I smirked - and out of no where she...she kissed me. Then another surprise her spell wore off...and she said.
"What-what the hell is this!?" She squealed wiping her mouth furiously.
"Told you..Granger!" I smirked-but inside...I felt sad...what is wrong with me!?

"Excuse me Professor Snape...I have to go and vomit.." Granger said and left the room.
"'re dismissed.....scoot!" He said-as we went to our next class.
I picked up my books and heard some of my friends laugh behind me-
"Shut up, will ya!?" I threatened them—

I sighed as I got out of the classroom. As I took my time walking I hear a sob coming out of the two columns just 4 paces from me. Slowly, I walked near the sob wondering who it came from.

"Hello?" I called out cautiously — The sob turned into a gasp.
"Hello?" I called out again
"What do you want?" A familiar voice sniffed
"Why are you following me?" The owner of the voice came out of the shadows.

There, stood, Hermione Jean Granger, with red-puffy eyes, red cheeks and teary eyes.
"Hermione, are you okay?" I asked. What!? Draco!! Stop Bloody Doing this!! She's a bloody mud blood .... Muggle Born...Hello!?!? Ughh

"No." She cried as she suddenly fell on her knees bawling her eyes off.
My eyes widen at the sight, I couldn't believe what I'm seeing....I can't just leave her here...

I walked slowly to her, bending down; I offered my hand for her to at least hold it. But, instead she pulled me into a tight hug. I really didn't know what to do next....

"What's wrong Hermione?"I asked trying not to sound awkward.
"I'm not in love with you!" She sobbed- A part of me was upset....what is happening to me!? Why am I feeling these feelings!? I shouldn't be sad just because a muggle-born said she doesn't like me!!

"I believe you." I said
"This is a horrible feeling!" She cried
"I know." I replied
"I love Ron, not You!" She admitted
"Gee, Granger. Thanks?" I chuckled
"I didn't mean it like that!" She chuckled lightly

"Is that a laugh I hear?" I smirked
"No...." She laughed
"I think it is." I smiled—what! what is this!? Me...making Hermione Granger Laugh!?! It's kinda cute.

"I never saw this side of you...Draco." She smiled hugging me again
"Neither have I." I admitted
"I like this side." She yawned
"I think it's best we should go now...Lunch is nearly here." I said changing the subject
"You're right. Let's go." She said getting up and wiping her tears
"You go first." I suggested
"So, it doesn't look like we were together..."I explained
"Oh, right. Bye!" She smiled as she walked away

I gave a sigh, and walked slowly to the dining room.


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