JUNHOE ~ Wrong Number [requested]

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KOO JUNHOE [requested]
by: lissasofeena



My heart is beating so fast at this very moment. I don't know if I still need to continue my plan.

My plan is to confess my feelings to Junyeong... through call. Damn, I don't even know if this is his real phone number. One of my close friend said that this is his number that's why I saved it with no hesitations. Gosh, so, here I go.


After a minute, someone picked it up.

"Hello Junyeong. This is umm, Jiyoon. I have to tell you something. Please let me say this to you. I... I like you so much, actually since highschool. I can't tell this to you personally cause I'm too shy. I don't have the guts to be honest." I said while fanning my face, waiting for him to answer.

["Wow, nice monologue you got for me pffft."] He laughed. My eyes widened like it was gonna popped out. I stood up.

"What the... Junyeong is that you?" I said while raising my voice loudly. Damn it. This is not him.

["This is Junyeong's cousin. Are you courting him? Pffft hahaha!"] He laughed again from the other line. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.

"Shut up!" I ended our call and threw it on my bed.

"My gosh, that was so embarassing!" I whined.

I said almost everything to that guy. After the next day, I'll slap my friend for giving me the wrong number uuuugh!

I looked at my phone when I heard it ringing. Geez, why is that guy calling again?

I rejected it. I laid down my bed and covered my body with a blanket.

"Oh sweet mother of Neptune." I said and rolled my eyes when I heard the phone ringing... again.

I grabbed my phone and answered it.

"Now what? Would you make fun of me again? Please stop calling ok---"

["Wait, don't hang up. Please."] I stopped talking when he interrupted. I tried to calm down as I wait for him to speak.

["Sorry okay. I was just surprised because of the things you've said. This isn't Junyeong's phone. Maybe you called the wrong number."] I sighed in relief.

"Sorry too. I was surprised too. Let us end this conversation and start deleting my number. Bye." I hanged up. Caause I'm so EMBARASSED.

I just held my phone. That guy's deep voice is now stucked in my mind. I don't even know his name. Well who cares.

I deleted his number and started falling asleep.


As I woke up in the morning, I checked my phone if there are messages from someone.

And yeah, there's... someone.

From: **********
Good morning!

I checked the number. Da ef, this is the guy's number who I just called yesterday! Didn't he deleted my number? Damn this guy.

********** calling

Now he's calling -_-

I answered his call without saying anything.

["Hey. Good morning."] His sweet and deep voice greeted me. I found myself smiling with no reason.

"Can you please stop calling me cause I don't even know you and you don't... know... me."

["Then I'll introduce myself. My name's Koo Junhoe. A very cute and handsome guy. And you?"] I rolled my eyes and sighed. It's not bad to introduce to someone new right?

"I'm Jiyoon. A girl who is pissed off about the guy who's name is Koo Junhoe." I heard him chuckled. Then I found myself smiling again because of him.

["I know you're smiling."] His deep voice said. I was surprised.

"How did you kno---" I covered my mouth. Oh no. This is trouble again.

["Hahaha see. You already mean it that you're smiling because of me. How cute."] He chuckled again. See? I'm in trouble.

"Nyenyenye shut your mouth. I'm not even okay? I still need to fix myself. By---"

["Wait!"] I held my forehead and sighed.

["Can I see you personally? Later? Are you free?"] He asked. Is he asking me out? Or I'm just assuming?

"Why? And where?"

["Nothing. You know, I want to make friends with you. At the amusement park near the city hall."] He said. I hugged my pillow and smiled.

"Okay. What time?"

["So is it yes? You want to see me too?"] He asked childishly.

"Well, it's so boring here in the house that's why I'm saying. Not because I want to see you." I said. But it's just a lie. I really want to see him too.

["Oh. But, I want to see you and know you more Jiyoon."] His voice became serious. I was tongue-tied.

"I'll just see you later at 10:00 a.m Junhoe. I'll just fix myself." I ended the call and stood up.


"Is he here already?" I ruffled my hair, checking if I look nice. Why am I so concious? I guess it's just that, this is my first time meeting up a guy.

I checked my phone if he messaged me.

From: Junhoe
You look great and beautiful. Is that you wearing a dress?

I quickly tilted my head from left to right, finding a guy who's looking at me right now.

To: Junhoe
Where are you? If you're not showing up, I will leave.

I tossed my phone inside my bag and looked down.

"Hey Jiyoon, don't leave okay?" I looked up and saw... the most handsome guy I've ever seen.

I stood up slowly and faced him.

"So you're Ju-Junhoe?"

"Yeah. That cute handsome guy who talked to you a while ago." He smirked and smiled. This is my first time feeling those sparks. I never felt this to Junyeong.

"Silly. So, what are we gonna do here?" I asked, burning the awkwardness between us.

"Actually, I want to treat you ice cream. Hehe." I really want to pinch his cheeks! Imagine, a handsome guy acting like a kid?

I chuckled and looked at him again.

"Sure thing." We both smiled to each other and glanced away.

"I also want to give this to you." He pulled out a red rose behind his back. And yeah, this is the first flower I've received.

"Thanks. You're not just cute, you're sweet too." I said and stared at him. Now his face is blushing.

"Stop saying those words cause you're making me fall for you." I froze. He just gave me goosebumps.

"I mean, I already... fell... for you." He then added.


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