Chapter 2 - Warnings

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Special thanks to zarrystagramx for being so nice and making this video edit at the side bar. Hayden isn't exactly the main character, but she's kind of the base of it and the closest girl to the girl I pictured in my head. I just picture a very pale girl, very average weight, bright blue eyes and a bit of a sculpted face. She's supposed to be very beautiful but very simple at the same time. 

I was walking in what was called the science hall. Every person who passed me stared. I was picking up a pattern. Girls here wore lots of makeup, I never wore makeup. I didn’t know how to put it on. They all wore these shoes, Converse, or Vans, or little slipper looking things. The style of dress was similar too, it was so strange. I didn’t grasp the point of everyone having the same label on their shirt.

I kept walking, my eyes down, only glancing up now and then. The hall was lined with more blue lockers. I finally reached my chemistry class, my teachers name was Mr. Walker. At first I was petrified of walking into the wrong classroom, which would have been painfully embarrassing.

“You must be our new student.” He stated upon my arrival. Every kid was already in class, ready to go. I stood out. “Have a seat in any open spot toward the back. Your lab partner will be Taylor Mathews.”

I nodded and found a seat by a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She appeared friendly.  “Hi, I’m Rachel.”



I smiled nervously. “Um yeah,”

“Where are you from?”

I glanced around. “Antarctica.”


‘Yeah,” I said nervously again.

“Well, you’ll like it here.”

Class started, I had to stay after to collect a binder full of information on how to do the work they were in the middle of. I found it a bit odd, and frustrating, that most of the world I had already learned with my parents. I didn’t grasp what I would learn here.

The day moved slowly, it was so odd to be in a school. I had to ask to go to the bathroom, I had to do all these syllabuses for credit. It was just strange. I felt like I was caged.

I was standing alone in the lunchroom, looking for anyone who I had met today. I met many Jacks, Jacobs, Amanda’s, Kayla’s and Claries. They all ran together, all the faces a blur. I found Rachel sitting with a group of people who I hadn’t met just yet.

“You’re Finley,” a young man stated. “I’m Taylor. I guess I’m your lab partner I skipped this morning.”

He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was rather tall, and had a very harsh, masculine face. He seemed friendly. “H-Hi, nice to meet you.”

They pulled a chair up for me, and asked me a few million questions. I sipped my water, finished with the strange lunch I bought when I saw that kid who was in my locker.

He had curly hair, it was tousled back and a bit short. His lips were very pink; his skin was kind of pale, not as bad as mine. He had deep, warm green eyes, dimples on his cheeks. He had on a silver necklace hanging down, tucked under his shirt. He was… handsome? I suppose that was the right word.

“Ha, that’s Harry Styles. He’s hot, isn’t he?”

‘I guess, he was in my l-locker this morning.”

“Your locker?”

“I-I came inside, and he was there. I-I didn’t get why.”

“Stay away from that kid.” Taylor warned. “He’s a dick.”


“Yeah, trust us.”

“He really is fucking weird.” Rachel added. “He doesn’t talk. He’s number one on the schools list to make sure he doesn’t shoot us all up. It’s best to stay the hell away from that freak. He’s a social reject, outcast, all of it.”

"H-How can you tell? Because he doesn't talk?"

"Some people give off vibes." Taylor shrugged. "Every school out there has one weird... messed up person. That one person who you know won't be coming to the reunion."

"Look," Rachel smiled. "Every batch has a bad apple, at least one. For every weird kid we have here, there are tons of awesome other ones. I swear, you're finding them already.'

I nodded, not really sure who I could trust, I sure as hell knew it wouldn’t be anyone here. The thought of walking right in, and accepting their word as law seemed odd to me. It made me uncomfortable how willing they were to talk poorly of someone.

I was wondering how long it would take to actually find someone to trust.


If you're wondering, I see Taylor as Alexander Ludwig. I thought that fit. I can see Rachel as Maia Mitchell if that helps at all! 

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