Chapter 1 - First Day

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“Wake up,” my mom smiled, I knew she was. I didn’t even need to open my eyes to know that. Her voice was practically beaming, this beautiful song like she was a little song bird.


“Finley, you need to get up.”

“Mom,” I stared up at her, my eyes meeting hers. We looked the exact same. It made me feel connected in a different way, I loved that I saw myself in her. It gave me hope that I would be like her, not just in looks. I was hopeful to be as smart, loving, and kind.

“Can’t you home school me? It’s too hot out.’

“No, I can’t. I want you to get socialized. Get up or I’ll bring in the cold water.”

I groaned and got up, stepping into my bathroom just off my room. I washed up, letting my hair fall into waves. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans, rolling them at the cuffs. I pulled on a light mint colored scoop neck top and the necklace that I always wore. It was a small strange shape at the base in silver. It was an iceberg. It was a small piece of home, of the past that I wanted terribly to bring into my future.

“There’s my public schooler!” My dad shouted.

He was what my mom called a big nerd. He was odd and quirky, always in his big glasses and he had his favorite pocket protector. He loved everything from sports to comic books, a bit of everything. My dad was warm, and funny. I was lucky to have him.

“Shut up.” I glared, sitting down in a huff at the table. “You home schooled me in Antarctica. Please, please, don’t make me go.”

He frowned. “Honey, come on, you need friends.”

“I disagree.” He rolled his eyes and kissed the top of my head, heading upstairs. I groaned. “You guys are ruining my life.”

“Oh shut up,” my mom smacked my head gently. “You are a seventeen year old girl who has never been to a sleepover. You’ve been around adults your whole life. You’ve never even had a boyfriend. You need to explore your life.”

“I’m not going to make any friends.”

“You don’t need to. You need to stand on your own two feet and explore the world.”

“I was exploring an amazing part of the world, till I was pulled out of it.”

“Baby,” she held my hand. “You cannot see the world surrounded by ice. It is an ice cold wall. You need to feel heat. You need to feel rain. You need to know what it’s like to stay up all night to study for a test. I want you to have a boy kiss you on your front porch, or a girl, I don’t care.” I sighed. “Finley, the world is so much bigger than an iceberg.”

“But… but it’s all I know, Mom.”

“I know, and this must be so scary. I wouldn’t have ever forced you to do this if I thought you would fail. You are going to have the year of your life.”

“Even if I’m the weird girl no one speaks to?”

She smiled and brushed my hair back affectionately. “You are totally going to be the weird girl, you are your mother’s daughter. You will love it because you are going to find a whole side of you that had been buried in snow.”

“I’m scared of what I might find.”

“That’s perfectly okay but fear is a motivator, fear is a strong force. Don’t let it run you away, run at it.”

“I’m terrified that people won’t like me.”

“That’s a very good fear to have too Fin. At the end of the day, all that matters is who you are and how you treat people. Do you like you?” I nodded. “Then you’re a million miles ahead of most people.” I nodded. “Time to go hon,”

“Okay,” I breathed out and grabbed an apple. I hugged her tightly.

“You can do anything Fin.”

I gave her a small, fake smile and headed out. I had only ever driven snowmobiles and a few trucks back in Antarctica so it was odd to drive this little black car my parents helped me get. It was odd to drive on these little streets that were clear and easily navigated. I could see so many families waving to each other across the street from another… which kind of reminded me of home. I was attempting to look at the positive, I was trying to find this silver lining after the talk with my mom.

I found a parking space far in the back and took a breath. The school was small, and brick. It looked fairly sad, which was intimidating. I took a deep breath, and started inside. My bag was over my shoulders, I was so incredibly anxious. I walked into an office, it was dull, and the fluorescent light hurt my eyes. The secretary looked rather cold, her light brown hair pinned up so tight in a bun I thought it’d hurt her. She had on a strangely colored blouse, with an odd pattern. She stared up at me from typing on her computer.


“H-Hi, I’m Finley Aims, I’m new.”

“Finley?” she raised an eyebrow, giving me this look. I sighed knowing I’d meet the most average simple names.

My name Finley came from the fact that my parents loved the beauty of arctic fish, so, fins, Finley. It worked for them. They loved nature and animals, it rubbed off on me completely.

“Here is the map of the school, your locker and combination, rules and regulations, and your schedule. Welcome to Damascus High.”

“Lovely,” I mumbled, starting out of the office. I walked down the halls which were strange speckled marble. A few kids were staring at me, which made me so, so nervous. The walls were decorated in the school colors. Some students went as far as decorating the outside of their lockers to personalize them. Other lockers had goofy happy birthday signs, which I found very sweet.

I was walking around, looking for locker 161. I saw a guy standing in front of it, the door open. “Um, excuse me?” He just stared at me, like he was shocked I was speaking to him, or I looked odd. I suppose everyone here did have amazing tans, I was left out.

“Um, that’s my locker.”

“Your locker?”

“Y-Yes?’ I showed him the slip of paper. He stared at for a split second, his green eyes looked surprised. He shut it, and walked away. I sucked in a breath. “Awesome start,”

I had no idea who that guy was, I had no idea why he was in my locker and more importantly, I had no idea where my first class was.

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