no shit sherlock

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I have been running for days now , days where I learned the thing a werewolf should learn, days where I only stopped once in a while to hunt some food and drink some water.

I was about to rest for a while when 4 wolves appeared infront of me.I got into a fighting stance just to make sure

the largest one, which i assumed was the alpha, shifted infront of me... i repeat, shifted INFRONT of me!!

luckily, i turned my head to the side, just before i was able to see his *beep* (-///-)


looking calm, i simply shook my head indicating that i didn't want to... but in my head

(a/n: in my head i see you all over me in my head you fulfill my fantasy in my head i'd be sceaming ohh oh oh oh, in my hea-)

_back to the story_

my thoughts were going crazy

' is he crazy??! why would i want to shift infront of him?!'

'if he wants a free show then he should be in the strip club with those strippers!'

"hey browny!!!" startled, i jerked my wolf head up only to be met with a pair baby blue eyes

"hey guys! he's back!" shouted a similar voice but surely, it wasn't from the one in front of me

forgetting that their naked, i curiously looked around, and since i'm on the ground, i was met with the most horrifying (for me) sight ever!!

'why are they still naked?!.... w-wait, why did he call me browny? i thought i was black?'

' that's because you are currently covered in mud., duhh... oh, and they also think you're a guy' answered Diego


(a/n: she looked down after seeing 'it', okay?)

"silence!!! , now shift rouge"

oops, forgot about him.

' just shift behind a tree child, besides, you still have your bag with you, incase you forgot'

doing what she said, i shifted behind a tree and wore a loose shirt that reached mid-thigh, still looking down, i went out only to hear gasps

"y-you're a girl??"

"no shit sherlock, can't you see she doesn't have a penis?!" said a voice similar to the one that asked earlier


hey guys!

uhh, sorry for the late update! i have been busy with school and all,sooooo...

oh yeah, i got the idea about the "p" from the argument of two of my friends from school about who between them is the pervert and all... XD



and be a


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