Chapter Twelve : Making Plans

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Chapter Twelve : Making Plans

It was morning. The third day of school this week. Despite her limbs protesting to get a bit of sleep, she forced herself to sit up. The alarm clock didn't ring today, so she must've woken up earlier than usual, or a faulty alarm clock. For some reason, her mood was a bit chipper today . .

Oh, right.

Events of the past night flooded back into her mind. She let that white haired guy sleep in her house. He and her housemate had a falling out because of similar features but in the end, he was allowed to spend a night at her house. She didn't know why Piko changed his mind at the last moment, maybe he pitied him just enough to let him in? Either way, she was thankful that he wasn't out on the streets that night.

How is he faring?

The grogginess was gone from her mind now. With that question in mind, she washed herself and descended downstairs.


In the dining room, there was a rather odd sight. The two Pikos, sitting opposite each other, chatting. Second miracle within 24 hours. Yesterday night, they were almost as each other's necks, and now they've reconciled. Relief washed over her, she wouldn't have to worry over them breaking something in her house. She heard something whistling in the dining room, too.

Just as she entered, both caught sight of her. Despite their appearances, their personalities were different. Of course they would be, she thought. She could tell by the way they greeted her good morning :

"Morning, princess. Any sweet nightmares?"

"Good morning ________. Did nightmares haunt you last night?"

She greeted them back, with a negative for the latter question while opening the fridge to hunt for ingredients. Her attention wasn't at the two when they greeted her, but her impressions of both were enough for her to know who greeted her first. Oddly enough, both talked about nightmares instead of just a greeting. Perhaps their distaste with each other affected them in their dreams, too.

Finally bringing out some bread and peanut butter, she sat down at the table and proceeded to make breakfast. There wasn't anything on the table except for what she brought, perhaps both had eaten? She looked at both, making eye contact with each. Seems like they were both looking at her.

"Did you guys eat anything?"

"We woke up early today, so we had a chance to eat some cooked food."

At that response, _______ immediately looked at Kurotane Piko that answered the question, then her gaze flitted to the stovetop. There wasn't any sign of it being used before, but there certainly was a pot that wasn't originally placed atop it. Piko followed her gaze to the pot, but made no move of moving towards it. The other one spoke instead.

"I am sorry for not leaving any for you, that is why I made another one. It is almost done."

Uta got up from his chair and went to check on the pot. Heat whistled out of the pot lid through the ventilation holes, and billowed out of the boiling soup when he took it off. _______ took in his figure from the back. His hood was down and not covering his hair now, she could see how pale it was. After that, she averted her eyes to Kuro, who seemed to regard his counterpart with distaste.

"Oh? You can cook? That's cool!"

"Yeah. As much as I hate to praise him, he actually did a good job of making me unable to vomit it."

"Wow. Right in front of his face, too. . . Um, Uta, sorry for his attitude."

Uta waved off the insult despite the slight miff on his face when he turned around. In his hands was a warm bowl of soup. After placing a spoon into it, he slid the bowl in front of ______, who was already starting to eat her sandwich.

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