Component 20 - Broken

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A splash of icy water struck Budge in the face. The tired, mentally drained orc, thrashed in his chains. He had always hated water, but now he hated it that much more. Every fifteen minutes, the lich lord would cast a sleep spell on the poor creature, and than send a deluge spell to awaken him. After the fifth time, Budge began to panic and sob.

"Please, no water! Budge hate water!" The orc cried, dripping from head to toe.

Lord Reischerr sat in the corner of the chamber, just near the door. He lifted his hand, waved it once, and Budge was dry again.

"Who is your master?" Lord Resicherr asked, growing tired of the lengthy process.

"Mistress Gonzeelda." Budge mumbled.

With a loud growl, the lich threw a sleeping spell at the orc, sending him back into the unconscious.

"This is taking too long." Reischerr grumbled.

There were easier methods of brainwashing a creature, he knew, but Reischerr wanted to use a natural method. Gonzeelda would recognize a form of mind control if it came from a spell, or even the wicked Bruzella Worm that wrapped itself around the victim's brain. She would, however, never know the difference if Budge came to her like his normal, stupid self.

A light knock came to the wooden door beside the lich. He lifted a finger and drew across the bolt with nothing but his mind.

"Enter." Reischerr spoke, with his raspy, rotted vocal cords.

The door slowly creaked open, and a red cloaked figure poked its head in. Another demon, in service to the liches of the Blood Tomb, Reischerr thought, but no, he recognized this one's scent; it was one he had left as a block of ice—Which could only mean one thing; that the other Liches had returned from their journey in the High Realm.

"Speak." Reischerr muttered, and then stood. "Nevermind. I know. The others have returned."

"Yes, m'lord." The demon said, recoiling when Reischerr walked towards the door.

The lich walked past he demon, then turned back. "Demon, do you know a deluge spell?"

The demon nodded from under his hood.

"Then use it to wake the prisoner in precisely ten minutes. Then ask him who his lord is."

"What should be the answer?" The demon warily asked.

"Lord Reischerr..."

"If it's not."

"Then render him unconscious, and wake him again." Reischerr said.

"I do not know a sleep spell." The demon replied, as it stepped into the cell chamber.

Without turning back, the lich lord said, "Then get... creative."

As the lich left, the door slammed shut, and the two were left alone. He thought for a brief moment, that leaving a living creature with a demon could result in that creature's death, but if the filthy orc were to die, well he would just have to get creative after all.

Lord Reischerr entered the overlook from a cave invisible to the naked eye. He passed through the stalagmites of ice, and stepped before his three brethren.

"I am most pleased to see you all still live." Reischerr said, waving his hands to greet his allies; all of which he knew were superior to him in spell strength, thus, he was always careful, but certainly not afraid.

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