Wedding planner

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MOM AND RACHEL------------------
Let's go to the boutique for some flowers then we'll get your dress and the bridesmaids dresses,a flower girl dress,some shoes and other stuff but go take a shower first.
DAD AND JACE-----------------------
Come on let get into some shaving then you can get into the shower I'll go get a tuxedo while I'm waiting for you.Afterwards let's start building...wait what is the theme again.
Spring.Jace said while shaving his mouth.
Are we there yet daddy I want to practice being a flower girl.And I want to hand out the rings.I don't want to be late for a bridesmaid dad.Guys we will be there soon ok.Fine.Can you guys believe that you cousin is getting married!Whatever.
Man I don't want to be late for my baby sisters wedding ,come on Joshua I can't be in charge of our kid all the tine.Coming honey!
DAD AND JACE------------------------
Wow this theme is beautiful even though it took an hour it's worth it and it's a clear day.Look you better take care of my daughter,ya hearYes sir.
MOM AND RACHEL------------------
Wow that looks beautiful on you well let's pay and go.*ring ring*Hello
Jace-everyone is here
Rachel-uh ok we'll be there in a minute.Bye.

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