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Nearly two years later

Seeing her son take his very first step, Lottie squealed with delight, then swept him up into her arms to have laughter as she rushed through the palace with him on her hip. Both very excited and burst into his office. "Zaid!"

He stood up at his bubbling wife's excitement and walked around his desk as she placed their son down, having him stand, holding her fingers until his feet were steady. Zaid crouched down as his son released his mother's fingers, and moved towards him wobbling, waving arms, chuckling. He opened his arms towards his son. With a 'papa', he made it into her father's arms to be swept up into his strong arms.

Blinking back tears, Lottie covered her mouth with hands as she watched her son go to his father. She got it. She finally got it. The oohing and aahing. Parenthood was the greatest, apart from her husband, who she loved more and more everyday, if that was possible. A product of their love and headed towards her man as he stood and gathered his wife to his side as well. Young Sabeeh little arms around his neck.

"His first steps, he had done alone, well second ones, and not even a year old. He takes after you. A high achiever," she sniffed.

"Did you take the usual snaps?"

Her eyes widened, shaking her head. "No, it just happened, and rushed here. Oh," she looked behind her. "Sorry."

"Darling, they are used to you now. A very proud mother. Remember DaDa?" She smiled, after all, she had ran through the palace with a naked baby in a towel and brought to him, so he could hear his first words.

"I still protest, it should have been..." Sabeeh reached for her, his fingers crunching at her, taking her son into her arms, kissing him as he bury his face into her neck, and rubbed as tiny arms wrapped around her neck, his legs kicking from underneath her hold.

"What is all the rumpus through the palace?" a deep voice said behind them.

"Sabeeh, took his first steps, Jaddi," Lottie explained proudly. Pleasure washed over his face, bending done and opened his arms. Lottie dropped down and placed her son down, who was very eager to head towards his beloved grandfather, calling 'Jaddi' in around about way. It was like, he had lots of practice, Lottie noted, standing as her son dropped on his padded bottom with a laugh, then decided to crawl, getting there faster and was scooped up into loving arms as the King rose with his prize.

"What a clever boy you are. Even your father wasn't that quick."

"I was," Lottie beamed. "I own that one."

Zaid laughed. "You had reasons to run." To be glared at for his rudeness. "I'm still ahead of you, male bounding."

"I know isn't it great. Oh, have to ring my mum." She held out her hand and was handed his phone to ring home. "Hi mum Sabeeh took his first steps!"

"Do you know what time it is here, my sweet, adorable daughter?" she chuckled. "Dad sends his love, and clever boy. Before you ask he know he has done something." There was a pause to pass on. "Same as you. He is smiling with pride, and has gone back to sleep."

"Shouldn't he be writing," Lottie laughed.

"Not at three in the bloody morning."

"Oops, sorry. Would send photos and video. Love you both," she hung up, handing Zaid back his phone. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You never listen to me." He smiled, leaning against his desk, hands in pocket, watching his father with their son. Giving him, one hundred percent of his time as he had done to them. Him and his brother. Lottie went to him and leaned against him to pull out one hand and placed around her waist, holding her closer to him as her arm went around his neck, and kissed his cheek.

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