The Beginning of an End

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The hard thrashing and clashing of metal filled the room. As rough it may sound, it was nothing but music to your ears, for it indicated a new addition to the growing amount of toudans. A new sword to fight alongside the Saniwa against the forces of evil. The room's heat ushered sweat from your brow as you felt the hours drag on longer than expected.

Working away, you waited and watched.

Only accompanied by the ancient moonlight, you watched the fires dance together on the glowing metal, disregarding the small soul peeking into the late night business. Nakigitsune's ivory locks blew in with the entering wind but before the fox of his could interrupt the silence, you turned around with a tired gesture. The pad of your index finger rested on the tip of your lips. With the boy's curiosity, he quietly sat beside you, being sure to stop any shriek the fox on his shoulder may sound.

"I guess I was wrong." You sheepishly rubbed the back of your neck, looking into the distance. Nakigitsune tilted his head in question. "This geezer is taking forever, I'll get old just waiting for him." Yawning, you pat his snowy locks. "G'night, Naki-kun."

"...Goodnight." A quiet voice replied.

---------------------------------------------------The Next Morning--------------------------------------------------

"Yatattata!" You yawned loudly, stretching the knotted limbs of your body. Watching the paper walls wear a soft glow, you could smell a faint burning in the air. Who was assigned kitchen duty today?! Slamming open the paper door you were greeted to an unfamiliar guest. Silence. No one was wailing, or arguing, or 'kakaka'ing, but a small chatter was heard in the distance.

A bustling conversation was caught near the forge entry way. Panicking whilst walking lead you to a crowd of live weaponry. A pitter-patter was made as your bare heels hit the wooden deck each long stride.

"How are such lovely patterns possible!"

"You seem to have had an expert in maintenance, you're almost flawless!"

Desperately pushing through the strong bodies, you tumbled into the open attention.

"Ha ha ha!" That laugh would now haunt you forever. "Oh, what do we have here?" Clear pupils stared straight into your soul. You watched his every move with strained eyes, completely forgetting you still donned a tousled nightgown and terrible bed-head. Dark circles under your sockets were prominent with a mouth left agape. The silence was uncomfortably long.

"Ah...Let me introduce myself. My name is Mikazuki Munechika. I'm one of the five great swords of Japan, and well, I'm also said to be the most beautiful." Air left your mouth as the sword continued on, "I was born near the end of the 11th century. I guess you can say I'm an old man, Ha ha ha!" The way he partially covered his mouth with his long sleeve while laughing was a bit annoying. How he laughed every second, actually, was pretty far-fetched in your opinion. "You must be my master...I thank you greatly for your beckoning." How could he be so graceful doing such a small bow? The way the longer strand of hair on his right cheek, so gently, would flow like a small waterfall- "Perhaps my master is mute--?"

"W-welcome, Mikazuki Munechika-kun!" You sputtered, giving a short bow in response. How awkward. He laughed. "I hope you will aid us greatly in our battle."

As glee broke loose, you snuck back into your room in distress and uneven breathing. A quiet knocking was heard on the wood and paper door. Never in your life did you think to see him like this.

"Shukun, are you okay?" Akita, one of the Toushirou brothers, shouted worryingly through the door.

"I-I'm fine, just hold on a sec--I need to get ready!" Today was going to be tough, and you knew just why.

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