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As you all know my good friend FoxythepiratefoxID and I are both Oncelings that are making one-shots. But here's the thing, I've said this in my other book but I should probably say it here instead. Foxy (lets call her her that for short) recently gotten a new phone which means she would have to download wattpad on her phone. Yes we write our books bye phone, so texting at least 500 words for a chapter or more. The things we do for you all -_-

But anyway since Foxy had to download wattpad on her new phone and sign in yada yada- she accidentally forgot her password...so in other words. NEW ACCOUNT! Yeah that's just brutal

So her new account name is The_official_Oncler! Yup Onceling till the end XD
So check her books out and her one-shots that will be updated when she feelz like it, and to be honest she fangirls a lot so idk how much she will update :p

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