Prologue 1

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Isaac Lahey's POV
-Ten Years Old, Six Years Ago-

I awkwardly stare at my plate as I eat. I can feel my father's intense glare burning into the side of my face. I do not dare look up at him.

"What do you mean you failed the math test?" He growls. I gulp and stare at my glass of water.

"I got a sixty-three on it," I whisper. I wait for him to throw a glass, a plate, anything. But, he never does. I slowly look up at him. He's still looking at me.

"You're fucking retarded, Isaac," He yells, "Why do you even bother going to school anymore? Nothing can help you!" A tear drips from the side of my eye. Here we go again.

"I'm sorry, Dad," I apologize. That's all I can honestly say. I stab my fork into the piece of chicken and put it up to my mouth. My dad takes my fork out of my hands and throws it across the room.

"Sorry's not going to cut it," He huffs and stands up. He grabs me by the ear, pulling me out of my chair and up to my feet. I start to panic.

"No! Dad! Please, no! I'm sorry! Please don't do this!" I scream. My dad doesn't even listen to me. He drags me down the hallway and opens the door to the basement.

He pushes me down the wooden stairway and unlocks the chains on the big fridge laying on the floor. The fridge I'm terrified of.

"Dad I'm sorry! I'll try harder! I promise!" I plead. Tears are now flowing out of my eyes. I'm scared, so scared.

Somebody help me!

He swings the door open and throws me into the fridge. Once I'm in it, he closes it and locks it back up with the chains. The only light I see comes from the tiny holes that were drilled into this box of terror for me to breathe. Everything else in this fridge is dark and cramped.

I'm claustrophobic so I start to go into a panic mode. I scream and yell. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Tears drip freely down my face. I'm sweating horribly. It's hot in here and that only makes it worse.

I cry, and cry, and cry. My breathing hitches and I clutch my throat. I can't breathe.

Come on Isaac, it's all in your head, just breathe, I chant in my head, Breathe you fool!

My eyes snap open at the sound of the locks being undone. My dad usually makes me stay in here all night. Has it been all night?

The door opens and I see a blurry figure in front of me. I wipe my tear flooded eyes so I can see clear. A woman stands before me. She extends a hand out for me and I hesitantly take it.

"I'm Meghan," She tells me, "I work for Child Protective Services. You can trust me." I nod and burry my face into her shirt. She said I could trust her, so I cry. I sob into her clothes and she lets me.


That was the last time I ever saw my dad.

Writers Note:

Hey. Yes this is my new story

This part is titled Prologue 1 because there is going to be a total of 5 prologues before the story starts. Each prologue is of each kid that is going to end up in Mama McCall's Home. I want to clarify a few things

- These Prologues are each child at different ages. Isaac here was 10. Lydia is going to be 12. Stiles is sixteen in his. But you have to understand that these took place at different times. It's hard to explain, that's why I have the POV and time in the beginning of each prologue.

-When I start chapter one, they're ALL sixteen. The story starts when Stiles arrives at Melissa's house.

-I learned how to put gifs on here so check those out. Or don't, IDGAF

-I added a cast so if you're wondering who plays what character in my story, go check that out. Or don't, IDFC

-These few Prologues will be pretty intense. I just want you all to get a better idea of what each child went through. Next one is Lydia's (and she gets raped) I'm going to go into detail with that so if you don't like that then don't read it.

-The main ships in this story are going to be
-Stydia *Stiles and Lydia* (Obviously)
-Scisaac *Scott and Isaac* (Yum)

-Friendships in this story are going to be
-Allydia *Allison and Lydia*
-Sciles *Scott and Stiles*
-Stisaac *Stiles and Isaac
-Scisaac *Scott and Isaac*
-Scisiles *Scott, Isaac, Stiles*
-Stallison *Stiles and Allison*
-Scallison *Scott and Allison*
-Lysaac *Lydia and Isaac*
-Scydia *Scott and Lydia*
-McMarTinskArgahey *Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Allison, Isaac*

Okay, enough said. I love you all and I hope you like this story!!!

(And a shout out to my friend Kcakes01 who listens to me rant about my upcoming stories. 💗🖕🏻)

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