Death potion

2K 13 25

You will need the following items for this spell:

ten rose petals
four leaves
two teaspoons of vanilla
a cup of water
five ripe wild strawberries
eight eggs
a cup of lemon juice
a bowl
a cup of milk

rip up the rose petals into tiny little pieces then add them into the bowl. do the same with the leaves. then, in another container, make a mixture of a cup of lemon juice, a cup of water, two teaspoons of vanilla, and crushed wild strawberries. then pour in the mixture. next, crack the eggs into the bowl then add a cup of milk. then mix all of it together. then put the potion into a pot and put it on the oven for however long YOU think it needs to cook. Not very long for not very long life, long for slow death/sickness. it doesn't create instant death like poison or anything. and PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE WITH IT!!!!!

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