❤︎Chapter 6: Targets of Jealousy

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Momoka giggled as she received another text from Tomomi. They had been going back and forth before class started to make up for the abrupt close their last text conversation had come to last night.

T:Hey, Momo-chan...:)

M: Tomomi cut it out, it's weird! XD

T: What? Momo-chan is a cute nickname! :P

M: No! Absolutely not! It's embarrassing!

T: Don't your friends call you that? I want to feel even closer to you, so let's give each other nicknames!

M: Tomomi! It's too weird...not yet.

T: Boo!

M: Hey, I was wondering..


M: Are you free this Friday after school?

T:...Are you asking me out on a date?


Momoka reddened as she stared intensely at the bubble that meant Tomomi was typing back his response. Would he turn her down? It was the first time she'd ever invited someone on a date, she didn't know what she was doing!

I'd like to cross my fingers, but he'd be able to see me and then I'd never hear the end of his teasing, Momoka pouted as she stole a quick glance at Tomomi in his desk behind her.


Momoka immediately looks back at her phone to read the reply. What she reads makes her loose her breath.

T: No!

Momoka gasps, reading the short reply over and over. Her first rejection was going to ruin her entire day.

Ah, I've been turned down. No way!


T: No! This is all wrong! You confessed first, so I should have been the one to ask you out on the date! Momoka, this isn't fair...Yes, lets go out this weekend, but I'm treating you, of course! Do you like frozen yogurt?

Just like that, all of Momoka's sad feelings from the misunderstood message melt back into giddy excitement. She brings her phone to her lips and covers her smile with it, letting out a small squeak.

M: I love frozen yogurt! Thank you, Tomomi, I can't wait!

T: Me neither <3

The morning bell rings for the morning to begin. Momoka and Tomomi put their cellphones away to rise with the class and now in respect for the teacher as she prepares her lesson.

My first date...I bet it'll be magical...

Momoka's thoughts drift elsewhere as she begins to daydream about texting her friends the big news. Would it be better to go on the date right after school? Or maybe they could go home first so she could change into a cute outfit?

Oh, no, if that happens, what am I going to wear? Momoka begins to sweat in her seat at the idea. She had to be the pickiest girl in the world when it came to dressing up for special occasions. And on top of that, she would need to take advice from Reina, and God knows how long they'd both take deciding on just a shirt--


Hm? He's still texting me?

After waiting for the teacher to turn her back to the board, Momoka sneaks a peak at her lock screen and her eyes widen in shock. She had gotten a text from an unknown number.

4321-1234 : Stay away from Tomomi Maruyama if you want to keep showing your face at this school.

The text was unexpected, but it was frightening as well. Momoka had to read the text at least 3 times to process it and try to text back without panicking. While keeping her eyes on the teacher, she slips her phone into her lap behind her desks and types back...

M: I think you have the wrong number.

4321-1234: Don't play dumb, Namida. I know I have the right number. I have connections in this school. Heed my warning and nothing bad will happen to you. End things with Tomomi or it'll get bad for you quick.


4321-1234: Right now, that doesn't mattoorn.

M: ....?

4321-1234: *Matter. Auto correct is stupid.

M: I know...

4321-1234: But anyway! There's no reason for you to know who I am. It's a simple order for you to follow. No questions asked. Prince Tomomi can't belong to someone like you.

Instead of replying, Momoka locks her phone and casts a glance at Tomomi. He's staring down at his phone as well. Her stomach churns with worry. Who was this person threatening her all of a sudden? Were there really such awful people in this school?

The girls will know what to do.

Meanwhile, Tomomi is looking down at the text he received just moments ago. His eyes are narrowing at the unknown number, and while he feels like punching the wall next to him, he manages to keep his breathing under control. The breathing exercises that he went through every morning were to help him keep calm, after all.

6357-9887 : Want to keep that pretty boy face of yours intact? Keep away from Momoka! You aren't suitable enough for her.

6357-9887 : After all, underneath that calm exterior and fake smile, you're a real delinquent. Totally fake.

6357-9887: If you don't end it with her...your secrets will be revealed. Momoka wouldn't care for the real you.

Tomomi's hands clenched into fists as he became blinded by rage. He felt it. His heart rate accelerated and he knew he was going to loose it. In seconds, he could snap and show his entire class who he really was hidden on the inside.

He almost couldn't hear his teacher's voice when she called on him.

"Maruyama-San? Are you alright back there?"

"Yes.." Tomomi snaps out of his rage spell and fixes his glasses, smiling reassuringly at his classmates who had turned to look at him curiously.

"The answer to the problem is..."

Yes, a distraction will do.

Both Tomomi and Momoka had decided they'd bring the problem to their friends for help.

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