Prologue 2

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Lydia Martin's POV
-Twelve Years Old, Four Years Ago-

At first I thought he was kidding. I thought my dad was joking when he said he wanted me. But the expression on his face wasn't playful. It was a serious look, a bit of anger flashing in his eyes as well.

"Dad, have you been drinking?" I ask, looking around the kitchen. There was no alcohol in sight.

He stands up and slowly walks over to me. I gulp and look at him. His hands grip my hips and I try to squirm out of his grip.

"Dad, stop, what are you doing?" I question. I jerk away but he pulls me into him. "Dad, let me go!" I yell. I start shaking.

"You're so pretty, Lydie," He murmurs into my ear. I wince at the old nickname.

His hands roam under my shirt and I try to push him off. I need to get out of here. I feel a hard sensation pressing into my butt and a tear escapes my eyes. Why is this happening to me? His rough hands slip under my sports-bra and grip my breasts. More tears spill from my eyes. I try elbowing him in the gut but it's no use. He's too strong. 

My dad's lips attach onto my neck and I jerk my shoulders. He sucks on my skin there. This is so, so wrong. He's my Dad! What the hell is happening? I try to scream but his hand slaps onto my mouth, muffling the sound. He bites and nips at my sensitive skin and I try to head-butt him. He yanks on my hair, maki my head tilt back.

He lifts my shirt over my head and pulls off my bra. I cry and he smirks down at my naked chest. I try to shield myself with my arms but he pushes me down onto the table.

I hear him unzip his jeans and then he pulls down my skirt. I kick my legs but his body presses them down against the wood. I hear a sound, like a foil packet being opened. I see him putting a condom on and I cry even harder.

And then he rapes me.

The Next Day At School, In The Guidance Councilor's Office

"I was so scared," I cried and Mrs. Koeppler holds me. I told her about everything. I sob into her shirt and she repeats the words "It's going to be okay, I promise".

After I'm done crying, she grabs the phone and calls someone. I don't know who but frankly, I don't care. She tells me to wait and she leaves the office.

I stay seated in the black leather chair I'm in and wait for her to come back. About fifteen minutes pass before she's coming in with a police officer and another man.

"This is Deputy Cox and Jess Crawford, he works for Child Protective Services," She tells me and I nod. Mrs. Koeppler tells me to tell them exactly what I told her, so I do.

They took me to a Foster Home, the McCall house.

The last thing I heard about my father was that he admitted that he forced me and they sent him to prison. He deserves everything he's getting. I absolutely hate my father.


Writers Note:

I know this Prologue absolutely sucked. I don't like writing about these situation, I mean come on, would you? I didn't want to get too graphic because rape is absolutely disgusting. But this is only Lydia's background, the story doesn't revolve around this. It's just going to have an affect on her when she grows up.

Next Prologue is Allison.
Then it'll be Scott.
And lastly, Sti-Sti. BAHAHA STI-STI!!!


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