Chapter 3// Rule Number Two Don't Get Attached to Somebody You Could Lose

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The sound of the clock on my wall was very loud and evident. Studying my history notes wasn't as effective as planned, considering a lot was on my mind.

Including a certain pretty boy that I shared a make-out session with.

"Ugh," I groaned in frustration. I slammed my binder shut, knowing there was no way to focus. I sat up from my bed and checked my phone. Apparently word must've gotten around about the history class situation because I now had at least ten messages on my phone. Like three from Farkle, about seven from arrogant assholes in my grade, and some from the certain boy I was trying to play. I mentally cursed myself wondering why I even have their numbers in my phone.

I opened Farkle's first.

Supreme Leader of the World: Riley?

Supreme Leader of the World: Holy shit Riley answer your goddamn phone

Supreme Leader of the World: Oh my god Riley half of the football team has been asking me if you were available..what the hell happened with you and lucas??????

I texted Farkle back, mentally groaning from the chaos that has ensued.

Smiles: i'm gonna kill friar

Smiles: and as for the idiots asking if i'm available.. tell them to go fuck them themselves

I contemplated throwing my phone out the window to avoid anymore of this madness, but then I'd have to pay for a new phone.

I opened the many messages from the boys in our grade, barely glancing at them before deleting them.

Football Fuckboy #1: Hey Riley. What's up? 😏

Football Fuckboy #3: Sup Riley

Douche from English: hey riley, can you help me study sometime?

Guy Who's Friends with Pretty Boy: Attachment: 1 Image

I literally rolled my eyes and scoffed in disgust at the picture of the boy's nether region that I just received.

"Deleting that from my memory."

Finally I decided to open Lucas's message.

Lucas F(uckboy): hey

Lucas F(uckboy): what are you doing right now?

I rolled my eyes at his arrogance. "What are you doing" can easily translate into "are you thinking about me."

Unfortunately he was right.

"Riley, dinnertime!" I heard my mom yell from the kitchen.

I texted back, trying to think of something witty enough to torture him and his horny self.

Smiles: not talking to you

I tossed my phone back onto my bed and left for the dinner table.


I was helping Mom wash the dishes and clean up after dinner. I put the current plate in my hand in the dishwasher.

"So, your father said that your class was interesting today. Anything you want to talk about?"

I shook my head and looked at my mom, "Not really. Just making the world a better place."

My mom stares at me for a moment before smiling sweetly, "Okay sweetheart.. as long as you're okay."

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