Chapter Nine: The Good Luck Party

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"Why are we here again?" Emma muttered climbing out of the car, she wrinkled her nose at the house; she would much rather be back at their hotel instead of coming to some stupid party. 

It made no sense why they had been invited and Emma worried that something was going to happen while Gabriela was off on her quest; she didn't like any of this and wondered why her friend was going along with it. 

Daniel was far from happy about this and Emma wanted nothing more for them to go home and forget all this stupidness; they had a wedding to prepare for and that wouldn't happen if Gabriela continued to mess around. 

"It's a good luck party... it would be rude not to be here," Gabriela replied shaking her head, she couldn't exactly say no and she was sort of excited to see everyone again; it had been years since she had seen them all. 

Gabriela was so curious about what had happened after she had moved to California; she didn't see the harm in catching up with everyone after all this time. 

"We don't have to stay long," Gabriela mumbled shaking her head, she shouldered her bag before she made her way towards the house; she didn't see what the big deal was or why Emma seemed so content on dragging her feet right now. 

Emma watched her friend before she huffed, she couldn't believe this and she knew that there was no way that she was just going to leave Gabriela alone with this Jacob. 

Even if he did have some sort of girlfriend, Emma didn't want Gabriela screwing things up with Daniel; she had a good thing with him and he was trying to be understanding about what she was doing. 

"You made it," Jacob mused moving to greet Gabriela, he had been a little worried that she wouldn't come especially with how tense things had been recently. 

Nessie had been hovering about while they had been trying to plan their trip, it hadn't made the situation any easier especially when she seemed to cling to him every time Gabriela was around.

"Of course," Gabriela replied softly, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she felt a little nervous about being here especially when everyone seemed to be watching them around the garden. 

It also didn't escape her attention that Nessie was glaring at them from across the party, Gabriela didn't know what her problem was and she wished that the other woman would just stop. 

This was the last thing that Gabriela wanted right now and she hadn't come to La Push to cause trouble, she just wanted to put things right so that she could marry Daniel without another earthquake happening. 

"It doesn't feel any different here," Gabriela said looking around the back yard where she had spent a lot of time as a child; it hadn't change a bit and it brought back a lot of fond memories for her. 

It was a shame that she'd had to move away when she had, Gabriela doubted that things would have ever really changed if she had stayed here; nothing seemed different to her after all this time. 

"Not much has really changed," Jacob replied simply, apart from the obvious things that had changed; there was so much that he couldn't share with Gabriela, especially the fact he was a shape-shifter. 

It hadn't been easy to plan this trip, he'd had to pass over his duties while he was gone with Gabriela and her arrival had raised some worrying questions about imprinting. 

There is no way that there should have been a bond between Jacob and Gabriela if he had imprinted on Nessie; everyone was so confused but all they were told was that Jacob had forced the imprint when it had happened.


"This is so weird," Emma muttered with a shake of her head, she peeked around the garden wondering why everyone was so weird; she couldn't quite understand what was going on. 

It was so odd how everyone seemed to be acting like this was the most normal thing in the world and Emma couldn't help but wonder why they weren't trying to tell Jacob and Gabriela that this was stupid. 

Emma looked around watching the people that were here, she didn't know what it was but she felt out of the loop and she didn't like it; it was almost like everyone was in on some big massive secret that she wasn't being told about. 

Gabriela didn't say a word, things had certainly changed since she had last been in La Push and she was a little sad that she didn't feel like she fit in here anymore; she had noticed that people she had once known now kept their distance from her. 

Of course, there was no reason for things to really change when Gabriela would be disappearing off to California once things were settled between her and Jacob.

It just seemed strange and she had noticed how nearly all the men at the party seemed to look like one another, it was a little odd that Jacob and several others all seemed to have the same build. 

"I can't wait to go home," Emma mumbled looking to Gabriela, they had a wedding to sort out and she was sure that Daniel would be pleased to have his fiancée home. 

Gabriela only nodded her head, she had grown sort of attached to being back in La Push the last couple of weeks and she doubted that she would ever be back. 

There were so many memories here and Gabriela hoped that one day she would be able to bring her future children here to show them where she had come from. 

Jacob walked over to them followed by Embry Call, he'd had a rough morning with Nessie sulking about what was going on and he hoped she would be happier once this was all sorted out. 

There was something clearly playing on Nessie's mind but with Jacob trying to sort out things with Gabriela, he had been a little distracted from her.

"Emma this is Embry, he's offered to keep an eye on you while we are gone," Jacob said introducing the blonde to his best friend, it had been hard to find a member of the pack to agree to keep an eye on her while they were gone. 

The last thing that Jacob wanted was any more trouble following them around and he knew that it was for the best that someone kept an eye on Emma. 

Gabriela smiled at the sight of Embry, she was sure that Emma would be in very capable hands since she didn't know her way around; she felt guilty that she was abandoning her friend like this. 

"Nice to meet you," Emma muttered eyeing the man before her, she honestly didn't know why they were insisting that she had a baby-sitter; she had plans to go to Seattle and hang out there until Gabriela returned from her stupid trip. 

Embry opened and closed his mouth as he stared at Emma, he felt his entire world shift and he almost couldn't believe that he had found his imprint; the party seemed to grow quiet at the sight before them. 

"You have got to be kidding me," Jacob muttered annoyed staring at Embry, he couldn't believe that he had gone and imprinted on Emma when he was trying to sort out his own mess. 

Emma had been nothing short of a pain in the ass since Jacob and Gabriela had tried to make plans to travel to the cave where he had given her the necklace. 

There hadn't been a moment where she hadn't constantly talked about her brother or how special the wedding was going to be when Gabriela returned to California. 

Now it was clear that there was no way they were going to get rid of Emma without hearing more about her special brother.

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