My boyfriend life

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Oh hey Jace.I say getting into his tight grip.Hey Rach.He says with a smile.I love that<3As he showed his jaw.So cute!!!!!!He gently pressed his lips on my forehead.What took you so long.He asked.Well just family stuff,and study work.I replied.How is your mom doing?She is doing fine,I mean the baby is coming in 2 weeks.We just came back from the hospital.I can't wait until we have a baby of our own.He teased.Hey quit it we have another 3 years until my dad said we can if we wanted.I don't think I can wait that long.He said in a whiny voice.Well your going to have to wait.I said teasing him.Oh I have an idea you know since in a few days you will be 19.Ask your dad if I could teach you something.Uh ok Brb.
Few minutes later-------------------
He said yes ,I'm so what are you going to teach me?
How about skateboarding.
Yea ok.
Meet you in 2days ok.

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