Chapter 5- HE'S here

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   After Takei left, scarred for life, and after Tohru left, because Momiji wanted to talk to us, I smacked Haru on the shoulder. "Nice. That's gross." I said, giggling. Kyo looked at me, alarmed. "You know?" I rolled my eyes. "Come on, Kyo, I've seen him naked!" He gave me an odd, messed up look. "OH COME ON! You've seen me naked, Kagura, most likely Kisa, all the men. Don't fake it!" He just shook his head, rapidly. I rolled my eyes, smiled and turned to Momiji. "Ok," I made a dramatic pose. "Now what was so desperately important?!" I ask. Momiji nodded. Here's his somber side. "He's here...." Those chilling words. I lose the faux dramatic pose. "Wha-?" "Akito's here..." Haru nodded. "We just found out ourselves. Shigure told us after the orientation." Haru explained. "We thought it'd be something you'd want to know," Momiji continued, "especially if you don't want him here." Well. of course we don't!! Yuki just got a pissed look on his face, turned around and stormed away. "Wait, Yuki!" I started to run after him, but Kyo was faster. He grabbed me in a bear hug. "Let go of me!!!" He only held on tighter. "No!" I'm keeping you from doing something you'll regret!" "LET. GO. OF. ME!" I said, losing patience. "No, we don't want Akito to hurt you!" Haru said, stepping in front of me. Momiji looked utterly confused. "It would be even worse if he were to do that to Yuki!" "JUST LET HIM HANDLE IT!!!" Kyo yelled. "GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" I grabbed one of his arms and flipped over. "I warned you!" I shoved Haru and ran. I didn't know the way around, but it wasn't very hard to figure it out. I saw Akito, talking to Yuki. He put his hand to Yuki's cheek and I made out what he said. "Maybe it's time to re educate you, in the little room I save, just for you...." Suddenly, there was another flashback.

   "Akemi, I thought I told you, stay INSIDE the house!" Akito said in a voice that sent shivers up my spine. "I'm sorry, my paper's flew out by the wind, I was trying to retreive them an-" "But I TOLD YOU TO STAY INSIDE!" I kneeled and was bowing. "I'm sorry, try to-" Before I can stay anything, I felt a plunge in my stomach that caused me to fall to the ground, which was followed by intense kicks in the side. I began breathing heavily, and when I finally regained my breathing, I realized that Akito attacked me. I didn't do anything to stop him. Let him get it out of his system. He grabbed my arms and gave me indian burns, and he cuts my arms with shards of glass. "AKITO! " I heard Hatori yell. I look up at Hatori and coughed up blood. It seemed to have clots and clumps of stuff in it. Lovely. "What's wrong, Hatori? Planning to lose another eye?" I was coughing up blood and clutching my stomach, trying to breathe. Akito grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his. I was debating if I should cough, right on his face..... but, no. I'd be beaten even worse. "I'll let the girl go." He shoved me and I flew to the adjacent wall that he was leaning against. A good 8 feet. "GET OUT!!" Akito yelled. I scrambled to my feet and quickly limped out of the room. I fell in the hall. Hatori picked me up and carried my to the office. He bandaged me up. The worset was the bruises on my ribcage.

  That was followed by the flashback I had this morning. When I snapped out of it, Akito was right in front of me. Awesome...... "Akemi, you're looking well, you heal quickly......." Here comes my metaphor with Akito and kicking my teeth. He begins pulling up the sleeve of my blazer. And I go limp and freeze with fear. He reveals burns, cuts and bandages on my arm. I bit my lip as he traced the cut with his finger. I stay strong, and try not to look like a wimp, as if I was intimidated (which I was, but I was trying not to let him know). I was still playing tough, until he ran his hand to my shoulder, down my torso, to my ribcage. I stifled a super loud shriek. I made a half groan/scream noise. He smiled. It was a sick smile. A wrong one. He pushed down harder and I tried not to pass out. I didn't scream either. I just bit down on my lip so hard, it drew some blood. Then I said the 2 stupidest (I know 'stupidest' is not a word) words anyone can say to Akito Sohma. "Please, stop." He smiled wider until, out of the blue, Tohru shoved him. SHE SHOVED AKITO SOHMA! The cursed god of the zodiac. The man who screws up our lives! She pushed HIM!!!! "Oh.... I'm sorry!" Bad Tohru, Bad! "I'd love to stay and chat, but if we stay, we'll be late for class!!!"

   Akito looked dazed. The he regained his zen-like posture and smiled. "Oh yes, I understand..... Goodbye, Yuki, Akemi, Miss Honda." The he gave me what would appear to be a light punch on the ribs, but what hurt like hell. Then Tohru grabbed Yuki's hand, who grabbed my hand, and dragged me along with them. Then I zoned out and came back to Earth when Yuki said he would meet up with Miss Uotani and Miss Hanajima (???) later on because he needed to talk to me. She nodded and left.

   Yuki sat me down on the floor beside him. "Akemi." I didn't look at him and clenched my fists and said, "Yes?" in a tense tone. "What did he do?" I took a deep breath, sighed, and stood up. "Nothing, lets go see Miss Uojima and Miss Hanatani." "Miss Uotani and Miss Hanajima." I gave him a look as if to say, "Does it matter?" He just shrugged and we walked down to meet them.


   "Ok," Yuki said. "So we have teams, but...... What are the rules???" Uo (Tohru's Nickname for Arisa Uotani) looked at Yuki, and asked confusingly, "Rules?" Hana (Saki Hanajima's nickname) said in her smooth, creepy tone, "It's easy, really. You hit the birdie as hard as you can. Who ever faints from exhaustion first, loses." Haru nods. "Sounds easy enough." I nodded. I felt really light headed. I'm not even sure if I should play. But, if I say anything, people will know something's up. 

   "Akemi?" Kyo's worried voice came. "Huh?" I ask, returning to reality. "Our team's over here....." "Oh right..."

    After 50 minutes of non-stop playing, I begin feeling like total shit. Suddenly, the birdie whizzed past my head, and my knees give in. "Oh..." Momiji said in his giddy tone. "I guess Akemi lost." Suddenly, his voice sounded far away. "Akemi, you can get up, now." Kyo said, even further. "Akemi.......?" I heard Haru, then I passed out.


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