Tip #1: Pretend You Didn't Hear

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When Karma Pavuluri woke up with a heavy male arm draped across her chest and sun streaming through her window she knew she had overslept.

I've got to stop going out on Thursday nights, she internally groaned.

She twisted around in her twin extra-long bed so she could reach her phone and see exactly how late she was to her Physics of the Heart lecture.

"Shit," she muttered to herself when she saw the time. She was really late, which meant she was going to have to cut through the woods to make even half of her morning class.

Even with all her shifting, the man in her bed continued sleeping, his strong arm reflexively pulling Karma back, closer to his chest, when she moved. Karma rolled her eyes, removed his arm, and climbed out of bed. She began puttering around her room looking for something to wear. She rummaged through the drawers of the cheap wooden dresser she bought off of a former student until she found some black thigh-high stockings. They were almost opaque and had black lace bands running around the top with some kind of latex on the inside to keep them from falling down; one of her favorite pairs. She sat down in her desk chair and bunched up one of the stocking legs to put them on.

"That's a sexy image," offered a groggy voice with a hint of a southern drawl.

Karma paused in getting dressed and looked over to her bed. The blonde man that she had picked up at Lock & Chain's Pub last night was now awake. He was still in her bed, under the covers, with his left cheek pressed against her mattress, but his bright blue eyes were now open and watching her.

"Good, you're awake," Karma said, as she put on her other stocking. She stood up from her desk chair and began rummaging through her dresser again until she found a maroon sweater dress. She quickly pulled it on over her head and looked in the mirror, making sure the hem covered the top of her thigh-highs.

"Where are you running off to so early?"

"I've got class," Karma replied. She grabbed her hairbrush off the top of her desk and ran it through her long, dark hair. Karma loved her hair; it was smooth and bouncy and midnight black and did what she wanted almost all of the time. This was not one of those times. It was almost matted from rolling around in her bed the night before and she could barely get a brush through it. I'll have to wash it later, she thought. With a frustrated sigh, she grabbed a hair tie and threw it up into a ponytail.

"How do you have class on a Friday as a senior?" asked the man. He yawned and stretched, taking up most of the bed in the process, showing how big his frame was. Karma couldn't believe they had both actually fit in the tiny bed.

"Yeah, about that...." Karma got on all fours and dug in the back of her closet until she found one leather boot, then the other, tossing them on her floor behind her. Emerging from her closet, she added, "I'm not actually a senior."

"Oh God." The man suddenly sat upright in bed, his eyes wide and agitated. "You're of age, aren't you?"

"Yeah." Karma chuckled. "Dude, I'm 21 and a Junior. Chill." Karma sat back down on her desk chair so she could pull on her boots.

"Oh thank God." The blonde man fell backwards onto her bed in relief. After a few seconds, he turned in the bed so he was facing Karma. His eyebrows met in the middle of his face as he looked at her questioningly. "I don't understand... why lie about being a senior?"

"Why not?" Karma shrugged and zipped up her boots. "I told a guy last weekend I was a law student and my name was Shawarma."

"Like... like the food?"


The guy let out a deep belly laugh that Karma had to admit sounded nice. It was deep and manly but at the same time sounded light.

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