chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Everyone looked up and saw it "f-father its happening again, she's upset, and you know what they said about keeping her emotions in check, father look at her hair its turning white, keep her calm" may began pleading with father, once he noticed, my knees felt weak, I fell to the ground, then I felt a burning in my lower abdomen, the pain was too much to handle I began to scream. Just then I heard screams of pain and cries of death, why is this happening to me?

"Make it stop, make it stop!" I exclaimed, may ran up to me before asking "make what stop baby sister, I'll make it stop" she began crying, "make their pain stop, make my pain stop. Make their cries sound less painful, make it all stop!" I began pleading, but she stood there helpless "may you said you'd make it stop, why aren't you doing that" I looked in her eyes for an answer " did you lie to me, you know how much I hate lies" but right then I went t into a daze, I saw her I thought I saw mom.

May and Luciana looked at me, " what are you doing winter" right then I said " mom" they looked at me shocked, I got up and began walking towards the figure " mom" I said once again, she was by the window I began walking to the window I stood on the window sill Autamyn yelled at me " winter stop!" I was about to take a step out the window towards her when someone pulled me back inside, I turned around to see in was prince Zachary, I glared at him "I need to get to my mother, she's waiting for me, let go" I stated struggling but by the time I got loose she was gone "mom" I began yelling out the window but she wasn't there. "Don't leave me again" I began to cry, Autamyn rushed towards me an pulled me in to a hug before muttering "don't scare me like that, don't do it again, I don't know what id do if I lost my baby sister"

Everyone seemed to be I a shock because of the series if events taking place, right then father told the guards to summon the witch sisters, then father yelled "everyone is to leave the party immediately, except my daughters and Zachary I think you need rest so you can go" everyone began to leave I was still sitting and crying in the crook of my sisters neck, by the time I stopped sobbing I could feel my hair change and the snow stopped.

Right then three witches rushed to my side, touching me to see if I was hurt or any sort of thing happened to me. "your majesty we had specifically gave you orders to make sure she doesn't get upset, and you are not fulfilling that order, but now thanks to you they heard her screams and will be after her, you need to send her away to another kingdom" I looked at them confused, father looked heartbroken before saying "I can't lose my daughter and you know it"

" were sorry, your majesty but she is no longer safe in this kingdom, so you need to make arrangements to send her away" father was about to argue before Zachary spoke up

"King Regionald with all due respect it would be an honour to let your daughter stay in the kingdom of livestone, and don't worry you can visit her to make sure she's ok" he said confidence in his voice

"then its settled, winter you will be going with prince Zachary to livestone and only come back when the threat is over, and you are to go now, with him and your things will be sent directly there" I stood there shocked? Is he getting rid of me, what the hell!

"But daddy, you can't trust winter with the prince shell do something to him." Sweet mother of chocolate I will snap her head "pavitra, let me tell you something, I will never love again. And you can have the prince if you care but I will not let anyone come into my life again and destroy me like he did, understand" but I knew I was right, I was too scared to loose someone I love, but when he left I was left heartbroken. Why did you leave siren. Why?

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