Chapter 1

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Just to let you know, at the beginning of each chapter will be Naruto P.O.V, unless I say so.

I was sitting watching my favorite tv show Criminal Minds, when all of the sudden Sasuke bursts through the door. I stood up, turning around, seeing a extremly happy Sasuke. Whats the matter with him? This isn't normal. Oooooh! I know! He is happy because he finally left that fucking pink haired bitch So he could tell me his undying love for me and we will run out to the sunset on unicorns, and have man babies together!!! Pft. I wish.

"What's the matter with you?" I said, as he jumped a little.

"Sit down on the couch then I will tell you." He said, unable to take off the huge, grin on his face. I sat down as he did the same next to me.

"Soooo?" I said waiting.

"Me and Sakura are engaged!" He said with joy.

Immediately my smile vanished. I felt a huge pain in my chest. I cluched my chest, the pain was to much to handle. I remembered that Sasuke was still here and put a fake smile on my face. Hopefully my fake smile wasn't noticeable.

"Uh.. t-that's wonderful." I studdered. His smile grew bigger, if that was possible. He suddenly jumped on me, giving me a hug.

"Would you be my best man?" He questioned, his breathe ghosting over my neck. "S-sure, of c-course, you are my... b-best friend after all." I said, the pain in my chest only grew. It broke me inside, not able to say that I am his lover instead of his 'best friend'.

We pulled back from each other, a smile on his face still. "Great! I will inform you on the wedding details later!" He said standing up and walking towards the door with me trailing behind.

We said our goodbyes, him going home, while I close the door. I slide down the door, my ass hitting the ground. I pulled my legs up to my chest and my head down to my knees. I immediately began crying like there was no tomorrow. Oh Sasuke, why? Why? You don't know about my feelings for you. Hell! You don't even know i'm gay!

After a couple of minutes my crying calmed down. I stood up, regreting my action as my head throbbed painfully. I walked to my kitchen cabinet slowley, pulling out the bottle of pain killers. I took two out of the bottle, putting the bottle back and grabbing a glass of water. I popped both the pills in my mouth, swallowing them down along with water.

After I decided I should rest. I layed on my bed, the pain still in my chest. I thought about Sasuke, until finally the darkness engulfed me into slumber.


Sorry for the short chapter. I decided to update since I couldn't sleep.
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