Chapter 16

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Stealing Hearts 7/2/13

Chapter 16

Allison’s POV

“Gray, orders up table five!” Yelled Frank sliding the plates on the serving counter. I smile thanking him quickly taking the plates to the couple at table five. The boy and girl dressed casual sharing a smile of happiness. I set down their order of grilled chicken strips and a burger with a strawberry milkshake two straws.

“Anything else?” I ask the couple. They nod no thanking me as I leave. The door dings signaling that a customer has come in. Debby and Jenny both were busy so I walk over to the front desk ready to seat them. My favorite Irish duo stood before me sheepishly.

“Table for two?” I joke chuckling at the two men. Paul rubs the back of his neck nodding slightly while Niall nods eagerly.

“Right this way!” I say leading them to a side booth for the two of them. I place the menus in front of them. “Jenny will be your waitress, she’ll be over shortly, have a nice meal.” I say quickly trying to get back to my own tables.

“Gray, can you talk with us for a few?” Niall asks nervously looking me straight in my gray eyes. I open my mouth to protest when Jenny comes bouncing over straight to me. She grabs my hand pulling me behind the counter.

“Hey Gray, I have an emergency at home, will you take my tables for the night?” She asks rushing out her words.

“Of course! Is everything okay?” I reply worried for her. She shrugs a few views in her eyes. She wipes her eyes hanging up her apron and placing her pen and notepad on the table.

“I hope so.” She takes off out the door in a rush leaving me all her orders. I wipe the sweat off my brow grabbing her notepad reading all the things she needs to deliver.

“Tables 9,2, and 4 up!” Frank tells us through the little serving window. Damn, those are my tables. I take the table nine’s order first since it’s the smallest order. Two burgers with one side of fries. Two cokes refill too. I place the food in front of them, getting a couple thanks in the process. I hurry back to grab the next order for her next table. Table two’s order is just two chocolate milkshakes, three vanilla, and one strawberry for five guys and young girl who I am guessing is one of their sister’s.

“Who got chocolate?” I ask as I approach the table. The three guys on the left side of the booth all raised their hands. I slide the milkshakes down right in front of where they are sitting.

“Vanilla?” I question. The young girl and whom I am guessing her brother raised their hands. I slide down the drinks earning thanks.

“Last but not least, the strawberry milkshake!” I place it in front of the muscular guy who blushed and thanked me softly. I walk off getting table four’s large order. Three of the diner’s biggest burgers, five fish n’ chips, and three orders of fries. Five coke refills along with two waters and a diet coke refill. I place the two trays full of food on my hips weaving in and out of the tables. I place my right order on the empty table beside me, so I am now able to place food in front of the right person.

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