Prepare yourself

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It was evening in the smash mansion.   Ike had just finished an intense brawl. Ike headed to his shared room with marth. The mercenary's mind thought only of the young price he was fond of. He wanted to make a move but was afraid to ruin their friendship.

He entered their room, hearing running water.  
Marth must be in the shower
Thought Ike as he silently closed the door. He headed to his bed and removed his boots, cape, gloves, and head band. He was just lifting his shirt of his body when the bathroom door clicked open. Marth walked out in a blue shirt and loose pants, hair still dripping.

Marth stopped dead when he saw Ike in the process of taking off his shirt. Ike is nothing less than hot. His body was lean but ripped with defined muscles.

Ike noticed marth as he fully removed his shirt. Marth was cherry red.

"Marth, are you ok? Do you have a fever? He said walking in front of the young prince and placing a hand on his head. Ike being taller, had his chest close to Martha face. Close enough he could smell his cologne that marth loved. Marth blushed even darker.

"Um...ah ah" marth sputtered as Ike moved his hands on his cheeks and placed his head on Marths.
" I don't think you have a fever. are you sure your ok?" He said pulling away just to see their faces very close to each other. Marth put one hand on Ike's, slowly leaning into him. Marths lips touched Ike's in a gentle fashion. Ike kissed him back still shocked that marth made the first move. He wound his arms around his petite waist, pulling him flush against his body

Marth moves his hands so they rested on Ike's shirtless chest. Ike pulled back to look at the flushed prince. For a moment they just looked at each other and then something snapped. They crashed into each other, backing up until they fell onto Marths bed.

Ike ended up on top with marth panting below. Leaning down he continued their kiss. Ike lightly traced his tongue along marth's bottom lip, begging for entrance. Marth teasingly denied him. Ike rubbed his nipple through his shirt, causing a sharp moan to escape the prince. Ike took the chance to slip his tongue into Marths mouth. They battled for dominance, but Ike soon won and explored his mouths every corner. 

His mouth is...sweet
Ike though as he explored every inch of the princes mouth. Continuing to kiss, Ike pulled marth into a sitting position. He proceeded to unbutton the princes shirt. As he did marth touched and rubbed Ike's solid chest. Sliding the fabric off Marth's shoulders he broke the kiss for air. A thin line of saliva connected their  lips. Ike still panting, moved down the princes body.

Ike began to ravish marth's neck, kissing from his jaw to collar bone. He nipped and sucked looking for his soft spot. Marth whimpered slightly when Ike nipped just above his collar bone. He gave his full attention to the spot, kissing licking and biting it, causing a red love mark to from. He pulled back smiling down at the prince who was panting heavily, his chest rising and falling.  Marth gave Ike similar treatment, making a mark similar to his own. He proceeded to touch Ike's toned stomach, making the mercenary shudder.

Ike kissed down Marths chest stopping at his nipple. He rolled his tongue around one while prodding and rubbing the other. Marth arched his back at the sensation. Ike wrapped his arms around marth were his back arched pulling him up slightly. Getting a better angle, he slightly nipped at the tender bud. Giving  the other the same treatment. He went back up and kissed the now panting prince, slightly grinding agains him. 

"Ugh, Ike I..I" marth moaned not being able to finish.
"I know" he said and moved down and slowly removed the princes pants along with his under garments. He marveled at how beautiful the prince was. He almost glittered. He gently touched the princes member making him moan loudly and buck his hips up into Ike's hand. He continued this action licking it and taking him into his mouth.

"I-Ike I can't hold out m-much longer" her said panting with every word. Ike pulled away, he watched as marth unzipped his own pants, Pulling them from His hips. Marth blushed as he looked at his now naked partner.

Ike held three fingers up to Marths mouth, which he awkwardly sucked and licked, blushing heavily. Pulling them back, he then lightly pressed on his chest making him lay down again. Ike leaned down and whispered "prepaid yourself" into Marths ear,  simultaneously slid a single finger into his entrance, making marth squirm under him in pain. His eyes were clenched and he held onto the sheets. Ike kissed his neck to distract him. He slowly added a second finger, getting awarded with a loud moan and a chest pushing into his own. He scissored and curled his finger, adding a third. Ike's fingers brushed against what he was searching for. Marth's eyes shot open and a load gasp escaped his lips.

"D-Do that a-again" he moaned gripping Ike's hair. He continued hitting Marth's prostate with every thrust of his fingers. Marth began to buck his hips with Ike's thrusts as he almost screamed in pleasure.

Ike's own desires couldn't be helped much longer. He removed his fingers gaining a whimper from marth from the loss.

"Marth...can I begin" he asked looking into the princes eyes.

"Be gentle," marth said kissing Ike softly.

Lubricating himself with his pre come he positioned himself at marth entrance, he took his left leg and put it over his shoulder. He slowly entered the prince.

Marth cried out in pain clutching at Ike's shoulders, tears stinging his face. Ike kissed the tears away as he fully sheathed himself within him. He stayed still not wanting to hurt marth.

"Ike, you can move," marth said slightly shifting. Ike began to slowly thrust into him in a steady rhythm. Marth gave loud moans as he was gently ravished. Slowly his moans went from pain to pleasure as Ike deepened his thrust. Marth cried out in bliss as Ike hit his prostate.

"R-Right...there" marth panted between moans. Ike continuously hit that spot earning him load moans and gasps.

He pulled marth's leg off and pulled him up so he was now sitting in his lap. Marth cried out wrapping his legs around Ike, as He went deeper and faster with every thrust.

"I'm close!" Ike said feeling his climax coming.

"Me to!" Marth said hugging Ike tightly. Tightening his grip he kissed Ike lips as he climaxed, HARD, spewing his semen all over their chests. Marth's muscles clenching around his member sent him over the edge as he came within the prince, causing both to scream in ecstasy. They held onto each other as they came down from their high.

"That was amazing" marth said as he looked at Ike.

"Marth, I love you" he said kissing the young prince deeply.

Then with ought warning the door slammed open and all the smash characters rushed into the room in their pjs, weapons and all, just to stop dead at the sight of the still connected and panting couple.

Link dropped his weapon.

"Well fuck, we thought you guys were dying!" He said throwing his hands in the air.

"Never mind everybody they were just having sex!" Link screamed at the crowd, earning groans and laughing.

"Alright now you know, so GET OUT!" Ike yell at the dispersing crowd. Marth's head was in Ike's chest in pure embarrassment.

"Well, they were bound to find out sometime" Ike said stroking the red princes blue hair. Sighing Ike stood up and carried him to his own bed. Laying down he removed himself from marth and wrapped his dark red sheets around them. Holding the prince close he shut off the lights.

"I love you Ike" marth said quietly into his chest.

"I love you too" he said kissing his head and falling asleep cuddling his lover.

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