Forty-Two: Shenanigans

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Chapter Forty-Two: Shenanigans

Before we were off to the hospital, we dropped Sam off. He didn't want to leave, but Aunt Sue persuaded him to stay by threatening Mr. T again. Holly went in Sam's place.

"I'm still confused," she said as we pulled out of the driveway of her house.

"Liam has brain cancer and he's being operated on right now," Uranus explained, not taking his eyes off of the road.

"Oh my God," Holly said in horror.

I was too busy dialing Kurt's number to chime into the conversation. He wasn't picking up, but he needed to. Liam was one of his friends after all.


My patience was getting very thin as I listened to my brother's voicemail greeting for the third time. He wasn't picking up, so I guess I had to leave a message.

"HAHAHAHA. Did you fall for it? I bet you fell for it. Anyhow, leave your message after the BEEEEEEP. HAHAHA! Did you fall for it again? Okay, this is getting too long. Just leave your message that I'll probably check just to get rid of that stupid icon. Alright, BYEEEE!"

"Kurt, you need to call me back. This is important," I said after I heard the real beep and then hung up.

I looked over at Holly and Uranus. They looked like they were both in deep thought.

The car ride consisted in only the quiet screams of Uranus's demonic music. Even though I wasn't an advocate of post hardcore, I found their screaming to soothe my anxiety a bit, which was odd because it was just screaming.

I was the first one out of the car when we finally arrived. I could feel myself sweating already from the anticipation.

"Oh, Rena honey! I thought you weren't coming in today," Margaret, a lady that worked at the reception desk, exclaimed when I walked through the automatic doors of the hospital.

"What?" I asked her, confused by her statement.

"Well, it's ten after five and I thought you were ditching daycare duty," she explained.

"I totally forgot," I told her. "My friend... I'm visiting my friend."

A pitying look formed almost instantly on her face. "Do you mean Liam Nelson, Sweetheart? He volunteered at the daycare with you, right?"

Why was she giving me that look?

"Yeah," I said hesitantly.

"Poor kid. He's so young," she said more to herself. "I remember when he first came in about his cancer-so angered and reluctant. Don't worry a thing about the daycare. I'll go tell Katherine. Liam's folks are waiting on the second floor in the waiting room," she informed me.

"Thanks, Margaret. Tell the kids I'll see them next week," I said, feeling slightly guilty I was ditching my kids.

"Alrighty, then," Margaret dismissed me, waving me off.

I quickly caught up to Uranus and Holly, who were waiting for me near the elevators.

"What?" I questioned their weird glances as we went into an elevator.

"You're on a first name basis with that lady?" Uranus asked me.

"Yeah? She doesn't have an amusing middle name like you, Uranus," I said, even though I knew what he meant.

Uranus didn't look amused, but Holly smiled a bit. "I meant that she's a bitch."

"One time I came here with a broken pinky. She told me to suck it up," Holly backed up Uranus's statement. "She's not the nicest person."

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