Thanks for not killing me (lesbian love story) 16

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Lillian's pov

Kay was leading me out the house she was wearing dark skinny jeans, a white band tee, black converse, and a grey duffle coat. I was wearing a white cocktail dress with a black blazer, a pair of short black wedge boots and sheer leggings "you guys look hot" said zach "watch yourself" Kay said with mock seriousness zach chuckled then unlocked his car "we'll just go by car" "okay" I said Kay nodded then Kay took passenger seat and I got in the back "is it only just the three of us?" I asked while zach was driving down the long driveway "the others are already at the club" "oh" then we just had small chat till we were in front of a two story apartment building that looked pretty unremarkable zach turned off the car "come on ladies" he said while walking towards the side of the building we followed him and we were at the back of the building zach went into a shed that had a sign on the door said restricted area maintenance personal only "um" i looked at Kay she just winked at me zach opened the door and I saw there were stairs we walked down them I started hearing music and felt the vibrations in the metal hand rail at the bottom of the stairs was a hallway with a big metal door at the end zach knocked on it then the eye slit on the door opened up and two glowing grey eyes glared at us the fixing on me kay stepped forward "my mate" after a second the door slowly opened blasting me with music we all walked in my mouth dropped the place was huge strobe lights everywhere showing me a ton of people a handful of them with glowing eyes "not all these werewolves are from your pack are they?" I yelled in Kay's ear "no they're rouges, drifters, outcasts things like that" she took off he coat put it in a corner then we went into the mass of dancing body's I grinded on Kay her hands roaming my body I turned to face her and saw her eyes glowing she kissed me our body's rocking back and forth after a while Kay grabbed my hand and started leading me somewhere Kay opened a door and inside it was a lot more quiet some ragged sofas and a fridge a group of people were off to the side in a circle around a bong "how do you like the underground?" she asked "it's great but how have I not heard of it before?" "you know I'm not really sure how they keep the humans quiet" she shrugged then she asked "want something to drink?" she gestured towards the fridge "yeah I'm actually dying for something to drink" she smiled then went to it the people in the circle said hi she waved back after she grabbed some water bottles she handed me mine I chugged the thing down pretty quickly "don't drown yourself babe" Kay said while wiping at my chin I batted her hands away with a smile on my face "let's go back in" "after you" Kay was already at the door holding it open for me I walked out the room Kay following then we went back on the dance floor losing ourselves in the music

Katherine's pov

"I'm glad me and lily are here she looks happy which makes me happy" I said loudly into zach's ear "yeah!" he yelled back in reply we were at the bar an old werewolf that had a pretty magnificent looking mustache was the bartender he tossed me a water bottle and slid a beer to zach we toasted on our "victory" then I saw that lily and three other of my pack members were making their way to us "hey um-" I handed lily my water bottle she made a cute smile then drunk some after she poured a little on the back of her neck my back straightened my gaze hard and searching finding a werewolf looking blatantly at lily I growled lily looked up confused I ignored her and marched over to the guy he had a drunken smirk on his face "hey baby" he burped then continued "why don't you bring your little human and we all have some f-" I was holding him in the air by his neck "calm down lily doesn't need to see anything like this" zach said into my ear his hand on my shoulder I growled at the drunk werewolf then dropped him lily was sitting on the stool her face looking worried "shit I'm sorry we were supposed to have fun tonight" I slumped down on a stool next to her she put her hand on my knee "it's okay and I had fun don't worry" I put my hand over hers "I'm sorry" with her other hand she lifted my chin then kissed me "don't worry about it" she said her forehead on mine she got up took my hand "let's get out of here okay?" "sure" I said them we walked out going up the stairs in silence I got us home "I liked it" "hmm?" I questioned "going out with everybody and dancing with you" "I'm glad I'm sorry I ruined it though" "Kay love I swear I'm going to kick your ass if you apologize to me one more time" "ohh kinky" she rolled her eyes at me the corner of her lips twitching up I smiled at her "it's late let's go to bed" she went into the bathroom to change and I changed in the closet seeing my box of pills my heart rate speeding up I took off the top and stared at the plastic bags trying to remember if anything looks touched I heard the bathroom door open and I quickly but the top back on then shoved the box in a corner behind some of my camping gear then I changed throwing my cloth in a pile I walked out composing my face "you okay?" "yeah" i said using a fair amount of effort lily didn't pursue her question and instead started getting comfortable i got in the bed "night" lily said after a yawn "goodnight" I said not getting much sleep that night

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