today the gang and I are going to the mall to get some new outfits but mostly for me thanks to Kristie she says that I have to look "HOT" for me and Rayan's date and its really annoying me. Right now she got me trying different outfits while everyone else watch.

"KAYLA COME ON OUT I WANNA SEE WHAT YOUR WEARING"! Kristie yelled. I yelled back "I'M COMING". I walked out the dressing room with a strapless tight red dress. " OOHH YOU LOOK GORGEUS TURN AROUND" she said I turned " DAAAAAMMMMNN" Jacob and Craig said. I turned and looked at them.

"dang ma you got ass" said Craig, Sammy smacks the back of his head "ow" he whined.

"OK! next outfit" Kristie said, everyone else groaned "shit Kris it's been an hour and my butt hurts" Sammy growled. "right I mean it's just a movie and I'm hungry" Erica whined "meto " Craig said agreeing then mumbles "I don't know she going on a date with him anyway" I just ignored what he said.

"ok fine one more outfit then we'll go to the food court" Kristie said "fine" everyone else said. "um Erica can you help me with this dress" I asked " sure girl lets go" she said following me to the dressing room.

"ok so what do you need help with" she asked "just unzip it because it's tight" I said trying to breathe. "ok" she started unzipping it then I herd her gasped I then realized that she seen the bruises on my back from Mike beating me.

I turned around facing her with guilt in my eyes. "Kayla w-what happened w-who did this to you" she asked. I looked down and said "no one I just fell down the stairs it's nothing really". She shook her head I knew she knew that I was lying.

"Kayla I know your lying just please tell my what happened to you" she begged, I can't hide nothing from Erica she's my friend. So I looked her in the face and said " m-my dad did this ok! He did every single bruise on me! I Would always be abused by him" I cried then started to continue.

"I was only six Erica SIX! and you know what he did... HE..RAPED..ME! My mother was to weak to give him pleasure so he decided to come after me and rape me, ever since then I think of what have I done to deserve this, by the time I was nine my mother died the abusement had gotten worse. I had no one else but my brother he seen it all so he would protect me." Erica looked at me and said "have you two ever tried calling the police on your dad"?

I shook my head and said " no! he said if I ever call the police he said he would kill both me and my brother, I never want Daishown to go through that", "Kayla you need to get help it's not healthy at all".

"NO! Erica you understand what could happened if I do" I cried. it was quite for a little then I spoke up " you know what I feel a little better after telling you what's wrong". She smiled and said " see it wasn't that bad. Girl I'm your friend and I'm always there for you If anything's wrong you can always call me" I smiled and we hugged.

" KAYLA YOU READY" Kristie yelled. "UH YEAH JUST A MOMENT" I yelled back and looked at Erica "well I need to get dressed" " ok" we hugged and Erica left.

Later on I decided what I was going to wear we all went out to eat and headed home.

Next Morning

" I just wanna taaake myyyy tiiiiimmme" my phone started ring, it was a text from ray saying "Good morning beautiful hope you had a good sleep. Can't wait to see your beautiful face at the movies".  I smiled and texted back "Good morning to you to, and cant wait to see you to ". I went down stairs and saw Dai eating eggs and bacon. " good morning big bro" I said smiling, he smiled back " good morning little sis" I giggled. "I made you some eggs and bacon, its in the microwave" he said, "cheesy eggs"? I asked "just the way you like em". "thaaannnkkss Day-Day" I said all ghetto "Your welcome  BON QUI-QUI" he said all gay. we busted out laughing. I grabbed my plate and sat down on the table across from Dai.

"um is Mike still here" I asked quietly "nope he went to work early" he said "oh ok".

"so Rayan told me that you to are going out today, what yall dating or sum" he said I blushed and said  "um noooo we're just going to a movie nothing big". He smirked "you like him don't you", I blushed more " um no we're just friends", "mhmm".

5:39 pm

I started to get ready. after that I walked down stairs and saw Chresanto and Julian. "uh hey guys" I said being shy "hey" they both said "what you guys here for"? " we were picking up Dai to go play some ball at the court" Julian said. " oh ok" .

"uh Kay you need a ride to go to the movies"  Dai asked " naw I'm good", "alright well we gonna leave now bye" he said walking out the door, I waved bye.

6:22 pm

I was taking the bus and was on my way to the movies. when it made it there I checked the time 6:46 I walked out the bus and went inside the movies.

I searched for Rayan. I then saw him by the snack bar, I walked over to him. He then saw me and smiled and hugged me I hugged back "Glad to see you beautiful" he said holding my hands and kissed them. I blushed "glad to see you to" I replied " ready" he asked " yep" I said and we walked in the theater holding hands.

( skipping to the end of the movie)

 Me and Rayan left the movies cracking up after seeing Kevin Hart Let me explain. "haha  Kevin is too funny" Rayan said Laughing, "I know but you were laughing so hard" I giggled then my stomach started to growl. "You hungry"? Rayan asked, "um yeah" I said rubbing my stomach " Let me take you out then" he said walking me over to his car.

At the waffle house

Me and Rayan ordered our food and started to joked around, have little conversation and I really learned a lot about him. " so Kayla when we performed our project in class you did really good" he said " thanks but I'm not the singer type plus I really don't think I'm good anyway" I said taking another sip of my water. "well lets see about that i'll sing then you" he said taking a breath and started singing.

i'll take good care of your heart good care of your heart

i'll take good care of your heart good care of your heart

when you need a shoulder to cry on

a real man like me to rely on

look no further

the search is over

i'll take good care of your heart


i'll take good care of your heart

When he was done singing he looked at me and I took a deep breath and started to sing.

i'll take good care of your heart good care of your heart

i'll take good care of your heart good care of your heart

when you need a shoulder to cry on

a real women like me to rely on

look no further

the search is over

Then we both started to sing together

i'll take good care of your heart

promise I'll take good care of your heart

Then every one would start to clap and cheer

Later on  

Rayan took me home and walked me to the door. "I had fun today" he said "meto and thanks for taking me home" I said "no prob. you know we should hang out more often" he said getting closer and kissed me





This is the end of Turn your face part 1

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