5.11. Horror and Confession

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Chapter # 5.11

Haya's POV

My eyes flutter open as realization stuck me hard from all sides in the form of that creepy fragrance. I found myself standing in a small room; meagerly furnished, but to be honest if only the circumstances were different I would have studied the room brick by brick being the future interior designer but right now I couldn't study the interior.

My gaze was fixated on the bed in the center laden with red petals.

"Surprised. Yeah?" suddenly I felt warmth over my arms. I shuddered as he whispered in my ear making me almost jump in my place.

Right at the moment my cell phone beeped in my clutch, eyeing him suspiciously I looked down taking out my phone.

Ye kis ka number hea? There was a message from an unknown number. I opened the text: I have kept something in your handbag. Use it if you need it. Use it well. I frowned as I read and then cautiously peeked in my clutch while keeping the phone back and my eyes widened in horror.


"I didn't know you would get this much surprised" Jawad's words made me look up, I was horrified with the fact that I was carrying a gun in my clutch but why?

Shehryar put that Pistol in my clutch????

"Hey sweetheart!you okay?" I was so lost in that horrible thing in my clutch that I couldn't realize when his hands rested over my shoulders, I looked up finding him gazing into my eyes.

Kahan phans gaiii. "don't touch me" I pushed him back hard.

"Jawad! What is all this? And what exactly are we doing here?" I narrowed my eyes, his creepy, mysterious smile was making it worse. He scratched the corner of his brow as he took a step towards me.

"this is for you, for us" he took an other step closer as he stated in a low tone. "our little moment" and with that I felt a vein or two will soon burst up in my brain.

"Are you in your senses? Little moment? Seriously? This is what you wanted? This is what you called me here for?" I felt disgusted and he made a face as if I was the one stupid here.

"come on Haya! We are soon getting married. Its not that we are strangers" he tried to touch my face when I raised my palm up warning him from coming any closer.

"there is clearly a difference between soon to be married and already married Jawad! How can you even think like this?"

"now you are dragging things a little too far sweetheart! See I just thought you would like the idea..." he stated casually trying to calm my temper.

"like the idea? Oh! I love it Jawad! And I loved to know that this is what you think of me and this relationship" I busted and he rolled his eyes as if it wasn't a big deal.

"don't tell me you have never....." he started angrily but then trailed off looking at my facial expressions.

"don't give me this look. you lived in London all of your life and now in America. Wahan se Akeley ek anjaan lerkey k sath Pakistan aa geen and yahan bhi usi k ghar reh rahi ho... khud ko itna bhi masoom sabit kerne ki zaroorat nai" he spatted and I literally felt like punching his face.

"kia lagta hea wo lerka tumhara jo ....

"Shut up!!!" my brain was exploding with rage and I finally burst on his face. "Shut-up and don't you dare judge me" I pointed my index at his face, his face muscles went stiff and jaws clenched.

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