49 | The Hamptons, Part 3

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Sebastian Phillips never thought he'd have two of his ex-girlfriends staying under the same roof, but, well, here he was.

Here they all were.

He and the rest of the boys had gone out earlier in the evening, but the girls had remained at the house, which Sebastian couldn't say he'd found much comfort in. Honestly, he'd been too focused on it the entire night to even enjoy himself at the club they'd gone to, despite the beautiful women and free-flowing alcohol.

Then again, there was only one girl these days that could truly capture and keep his attention.

When he and the others had returned later on that night, the first thing he had to know was whether or not he was about to stumble upon a crime scene. He truly wouldn't have put it past Taliana to murder Blair for all the things the girl had pulled in the past, but when he stepped through the front doors the first thing he heard was Taliana's incredibly unflattering cackle... which was quickly followed by a not-so-dainty snort from Blair.

Jesus Christ, they were laughing. And from the sound of it they were laughing together.

Standing frozen in the foyer, Sebastian wasn't sure whether or not he would have rather come home to blood and carnage or this horror. In his mind they were equally scary.

Thankfully, he wasn't able to dwell on it for long, since Jacob and Marcus had chosen that moment to stumble through the doors, almost knocking Sebastian down in the process. The two had been going shot-for-shot at the bar, and now they were both positively plastered. Jude had proclaimed himself the referee of their competition, but even as he strolled through the doors, Sebastian could see that his cousin was also pleasantly wasted. The only person other than himself that wasn't on the verge of being blackout drunk was Michael, but even he had a glassy look to his eyes.

Michael had slid into the house right behind Sebastian, probably having heard the girls' laughter as well, but he chose not to say a word. It wasn't until the others joined them in the foyer that Michael began planting loud kisses on their respective cheeks and foreheads before slinking off down one of the dark hallways to places unknown, but Sebastian had a sneaking suspicion that he was going to check on Blair and Taliana.

Good. At least that meant he wouldn't have to do it himself. In all honesty, he wasn't sure what he would have done if he'd walked in and found his exes having a good time together. The thought was just too strange for him to even comprehend.

Instead, he quietly excused himself from the shitshow that Marcus, Jacob and Jude were causing, and started up the stairs to his bedroom. It had been a long day, and all he wanted now was to shower, collapse in bed, and sleep for the foreseeable future. Maybe by tomorrow he'd shake this strange cloud that was hanging over his head.

He stood in the shower for a long while, letting the hot water beat down on his shoulders and loosen the muscles that had been tight for what felt like weeks. And maybe it had been that long.

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