Chapter 1

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Hey my name is Asha and I'm 15. I'm a tomboy,violent,nice when I wanna be, tough, artistic. I moved from jersey to Cali. I live by myself and I'm new to this school called LA west high school. Damn the life of a new girl isn't gonna be great for me. Imma hot head I fuck bitches up if they disrespect me and there's no one to stop me. The only people that can stop me is bre kyja and Mimi. But thir not here 😏


Hey my names kyja but everyone calls me kyky. I'm 15. I'm creative loud outgoing funny crazy ghetto and wild and fun to be around. I just moved to Cali and I'm going to LA west high school. I'm a new girl and I hate that. Man I wish my girls was here


Hey I'm Mimi I'm 15. I'm a dancer I can sing I'm fun and always see good in people I'm starting a new school called LA west high pressure is heading my way


Hey I'm bre I'm 15 and I sweet and kind. I'm about the peace and I'm smart. I'm starting an new school LA west high school and I'm a new girl I don't bother me I can care less if people don't like me. Imma do me. I hope it's cute boys there I like the muscular light slimed ones