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Barry's POV :

I was staring at her, stunned.

Same green eyes! Same brown hair! Same face! She haven't changed a bit!

But, how can this happen? How can she be here? How can she be alive? Am I dreaming? This can't happen! This can't be true!

"How have you been, Barry?"she asked me smiling.
All I can say was,"Rosy???"

"Yes, Barry. It's me, Rosy. You must be thinking how can this be true. Well...I was saved by a vampire and I too became one just like you."she said.

"How are you, Rosy?"I asked her. I have a lot of questions in my mind but I don't want to ask her because they are meaningless now.
"I am fine. How have you been?"she asked.
"I am fine."I said.

"It's been hundred years since we last met. I thought you died. I am really happy to see you alive."she said smiling.
"Me too."I said trying to smile. The shock was so big that it was really hard for me to smile.

"So, how did you become a vampire?"she asked me.
"That...when your father shot both of us and took your body away. I was lying there in blood and pain waiting for my death when I saw someone coming. After that I lost my consciousness and when I woke up I was a vampire."I said.
She nodded.

"I wanted to ask you about something or someone."she said.

What is it that she wants to ask me about? What is it?

I nodded and she continued, "I saw you with a girl who looks exactly like me. Who is she?"

So, she has seen me with Jane and now she wants to know about her.

"She is Jane. My girlfriend."I replied.
"Girlfriend???"she laughed and continued,"Or just a substitute for me because she looks exactly like me, my replica! You don't love her!"

"That's not true! I love her! I love Jane!"I said seriously.
"You can't be serious! I know you went to her just because she looks like me! I know that I am the love of your life!"she said irritated.

"I really love her, now!"I protested.
"Barry, I know you love me and only me. You are just confused because we both look the same. Take your time and think about it. Try to figure out who is the love of your life, me or her?"she said and turned around to leave.

I just stood there unable to think what to do.
"Barry..."she said turning around and I looked at her,"The answer should better be me."she said and went away.

It's been a week since I met Rosy and since that day I have been avoiding Jane. I really need some time to figure this all out. I was sitting in a bar drinking, thinking and drinking more.

I have lied to Jane that I am going to some island for some work as we are going to build a hotel there and there is no network, so I won't be able to talk to her.

I really need to understand my feelings. When I first saw Jane I saved her just because she looks like Rosy. I wanted to know about her because she looks like Rosy and I wanted to see her happy. But, then eventually I fell for Jane. But, now that Rosy is back, it's really hard to think clearly. Rosy warned me that day "The answer should better be me."
What should I do? Who is the one I really love?

Rosy was the one I fell for hundred years ago and Jane is the one I fell for a couple of months ago.

"Hello, Barry!"a guy said brining me out of my thoughts.
I said without looking at him,"I am not in a mood to talk right now. So, you can leave!"
I took another sip from my glass.

"I am Eric."he said and continued sitting opposite to me,"I am the one who converted Rosy."

I looked at him surprised.

Happy New year to everyone.....

Who is the one Barry will choose-Rosy or Jane? Now who is Eric? And why is he here? Why did he suddenly come to meet Barry?

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