It's her!! She is alive??

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"What??? You are leaving???"Emma and Lily shouted together.
I nodded.
"You won't forget us, right? You will come to meet us, right?"Emma asked with tears in her eyes.
"Yes, Emma. How can I forget the two  of you."I said with tears in my eyes.
"You will invite us to your wedding, right?"Lily asked with tears.
"Lily, you both will be the first one to receive my wedding invitation. Anything else that you both want me to remember and that do?"I said smiling trying not to cry.
"Just be happy!"Emma said and hugged me crying.
I hugged her too.
Lily hugged us both.

I am in my flight. Only Baary came to see me off. Emma and Lily avoided it, they were happy that I will meet my family but sad that I was leaving. Barry didn't say anything, he didn't even try to stop me.

"The flight is about to land in Chicago. Please fasten your seatbelts."the flight attendant said.

"You are about to see your mom and brother! They will be so happy to see you!"dad said smiling. I looked at him and smiled.

"Jane!!!! Here!"James was shouting and waving to me with mom standing next to him smiling and waving.
I waved back to them.

"Mom...I missed you so much!"I said hugging her tightly.
"I missed you too!"mom said hugging me.
When I pulled back I saw tears in her eyes.
"Mom..."I was about to complain when she said,"It's just tears of happiness." and she wiped her tears away, smiling.

"Hey!! Baby sis!! I want a hug too! I too missed you!"James complained.
I smiled and hugged him,"I missed you too!"
"I am so glad that you are back, baby sis."he said placing a kiss on my head.
I smiled.

We all came back home.
I was about to get down the car when James said,"We have a surprise for you, baby sis!"
"James, don't call me baby sis. I am grown up now!"I complained. He laughed with his green colour eyes shining and that made me laugh too. We both have same green colour eyes like dad.

He likes to call me baby sis since we were kids and I always complain that I am grown up now. But, I like it when he calls me that.

I entered our home smiling. I looked around, nothing has changed.

Suddenly, I saw Barry. I was surprised to see him. I must be dreaming. I shook my head, but he didn't disappear. Am I dreaming? Is this due to jet lag?
I just stood there staring at him. This must be a dream!

"Won't you give me a hug?"he said smiling.

I didn't move. I just stood there staring at him. Unable to believe that he is real.

He came towards me and hugged me smiling. That's when I realised he is really here. It's him, really him! He is Barry! My Barry!

"It's really you!"I said hugging him tightly.
"No, it's his clone."James teased me and started laughing.

"I thought that I should look after the business here in Chicago."Barry said smiling.
"Really!! It means you will live here?"I asked brightly.
"No, I have a house here. I will live there. But, I will come to meet you everyday."he said.
I smiled.

He is going to be here by my side. I thought that I won't meet him until few days or weeks or months. But, he is here! I am so happy!

Barry's POV :

"Jane, I will try not to listen to what you all talk about and will just look at you. Please, can I come?"I asked her on phone.
"No...I know you can't do that. You will want to know what I am talking. You can only meet me tomorrow."she said taunting me.
"Why tomorrow??? I will sneak into your room at night like I always do."I said.
"No, today it's not possible. We, friends have decided to have a night stay together. So, we can only meet tomorrow."she said taunting me.
"Jane..."I was about to complain when she interrupted me,"Barry, I have to go! My friends are calling me and if I don't go now, they will come and take my phone to talk to you. Bye... love you!"she said.
"Love you too!"I said and she hanged up the call.

She is really having fun in teasing and taunting me.

Her friends wanted to meet her and so she went out on dinner with them and now she is going to have a night out with them.

And as for me I have come to a river side. This place is really beautiful. I will bring Jane here next time.

Suddenly, I heard something. I looked back and saw someone standing far away.

"Who is there?"I called out.
"Long time no see, Barry!"she said and came close enough so that I can see her face.

When I saw who she was I was shocked. Same green eyes, same brown hair. How can this be real? How can she be here?? She is alive????

What do you think, who is she? Why is Barry shocked to see her? Who is she? Why is she here?

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