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Anaya's P.O.V
"Stop,don't go." I got up yelling.

"What happened?" I heard someone asked and turn to see.it was my best friend holding my hand.

Aasiya was looking at me.I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders.

"Nothing." I said and again lay down on bed.

"Nothing really? You were yelling in sleep and now you are saying nothing." Aasiya almost yelled and I turned to look at her.

Aasiya join me on bed and lay down next to me.we both fixed our eyes on the roof.

"So he again faded away?" Aasiya asked and I nodded my head.

"You asked him to stop?" She again asked and i turn to face her.

"What do you think?" I asked looking at her and she turned to me.

" I don't think so." She said and my eyes widened in shock.

I got up and sat in front of her.

"First you were saying that I got up yelling asking him to stop don't go and now you are saying I didn't ask him to stop." I yelled at her and she narrowed her eyes.

She got up and looked at me.

"Haha..like you will ask him to stop and he will really stop.huh." she said and continued.

"And I didn't say that you were stopping him.and by the way have you ever seen him who disturbed you in your sleep?" She asked and I didn't look at her and fixed my eyes on my hands.

"Come on answer me.have you ever seen him?" She asked but I remained quite. She knew then why is she asking.

"You know na that.." I said and stopped.

"Yeah I know what a foolish I am. Asking a foolish question to whom who made me foolish." She said and looked at her.

"I didn't make you foolish.you are, stupid." I said and she picked the pillow and start hitting me with that.

We both start throwing pillows and cushions on each other and ended up in laughter.we lay down on bed and laughed.

"I wish one day he came in your life in reality.So he can hear you when you stop him." Aasiya said and I smiled looking at her.

"I'm waiting for him to come." I said.

"He will come." She said and we both start chatting about different things.

I born in a dukedom.My father
Was a duke of a dukedom. He was richest person.He owned more than 45 villages.All the villages were under my father.

He was a strict person.He never used to listen 'no' from anyone. How can he;after all he was a duke.

He made his own rules.He was the only one who handle the all work of the villages he owned. People respect him for his good works.He never bothered to talk a lot.

I being his daughter, was never be so frank or attached to him. My mom died when I born and since that day my dad never used to look at me.

My father's family belonged to a backward dukedom system in which women were not allowed to give opinions or to talk.There only mission was to cook,look after the house and serve the man.

I opened my eyes in a family which have no meanings to a girls life. My Taayi-Ami(father's elder brother's wife.) Grown me up.There were two part of our house one for the women and other for the males.None of woman can go to the male side.

I never got love of my father.He always stayed at a distance from me.He made maybe I think boundaries around him. My taaya g and my father took care of all their business.

My grandmother and my taayi Ami were my only friends, companions in my home.I was not allowed to go out of the house. I spent my whole life in my house.I dream to see the outer world with freedom but how? I lived in a jail where I'm not allowed to see dreams or have desires.

I wanted to study so with the help of my grandmother I took permission of studying.A teacher was hired to teach me.My teacher was a female.She came to our house daily and I studied with her.

When I reached at the matriculation level, I had to go out for giving exam.Now the task was how? Here my grandmother helped.She took permission from my dad and for the first time i went out of my house.

I was feeling so happy.I gave my exmas in near by school. I was taken to the school with so many guards.when I finished my paper I was took immediately to the car and was brought home without stopping at any point.

I cleared my matriculation and started my further studies.I hired with the help of taayi Ami a tusion teacher who used to come and help me with studies.

My dad never bother to talk to me.He never took interest in my life,in my studies.In my whole study period, he never showed his interest.He gave me permission of studying only because my grandmother and taayi Ami agreed him.I was the only child in home.My taayi Ami didn't had childrens.

When I went for my intermediate exam,I met a girl named Aasiya. I find her so nice.she was the one who came forward and asked me to be her friend.I shook hand with her.She was the first friend of mine.Last day of exam,I asked about her home.I asked her where she lived.She told me that she lived in the village which was near to my village.

One day she came in my house and I was surprised how did she find my house.She told me that her father was the friend of my father.She also belonged to a duke family.

When I came to know her,I find that she belonged to a very different family.there was a huge difference between our families.

She told me about her family,their unity and their love for each other and when I looked at my family,I find it having its own rules and rituals which bind only women to fulfill them.Everyone had their own attitude.

I always tried to do such things which attracted my dad's attention toward me but no.I always failed in getting love and attention of my father.

From my childhood to now when I'm a 20 years old girl,I found no love from my father.I only had my taayi Ami and grandmother who supports me and love me.

I start dreaming about the one who will come one day and will take me out from here.I wanted to live freely.

Every night I saw a dream of a figure of a person in a dim sunlight who calls me to him and when I get near to him he faded away.

Every night I saw this dream and waits for him to come.

I hope one day he will come and take me from this jail so I would breath freely.

A/N:: salaam to all.

This is my third story. I'm conveying someone's ideas through this story.I just wrote this first chapter in hurry so kindly avoid all the mistakes.

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