Chapter Thirty-One

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[smut warning, sorry (not) sorry]

"It does seem like I haven't seen you in ages" Oli greets me and stands up as I get to his table in the bar. Instead of letting me sit down or reply, he steps forward, his hand meets my lower back and he moves my body towards his until my lips meet his. I reach into his hair and run my fingers through it for a moment until I pull back to look at him. There's a smile on his face that warms my heart. "Looks like that pays off" I finally reply and sit on the chair he's pulled back for me.

I order a cocktail because he's already one ahead, then take off my leather jacket and look at him while leaning back in my chair. "How is everything?" I ask as if we haven't been talking on the phone every night since I saw him last. He laughs. "Everything's good, especially right now." He gives me a flirty smile and takes a sip of his drink. I laugh and shake my head in disbelief. "At one point I will not believe you anymore that you like me, Oli." "Stop it, baby girl." "I'm serious." "No, you're charming and you're inspiring and I want to explore this thing between us and you have to accept that if you're down for that. Alright?" He raises his glass. I take a deep breath and decide that I really need to let myself jump into the unknown for once so I nod and let my glass meet his over the middle of the table. He looks deep into my eyes as he drinks without taking his eyes off me.

"Am I making you nervous, baby girl?" "When did you get so confident?" "I'm always like that. Being unsure about how you feel just put a bit of a damper on it." I smirk. "I know exactly what you mean." He nods slowly. "So how's Mel? Still alright?" I nod. "Yeah, I mean, it must be hard for her but she's holding up pretty well. I'm so proud, like it's amazing." "I know, right? Wish I had been that strong at her age!" "Oh, I can imagine you were different than the other kids as well" I smirk. "That's cold, Bev" he says but I know he's not serious, especially since I was never really popular myself. "But you happen to be right about that. Although, my mum always told me they were laughing with me, not at me" he grins. I laugh. "I'm sure they were." "Look at us now, laughing at that. That's what Mel should be seeing, that's what all the kids you're helping should see. No one ever believes that but here we are." He takes my hand over the table and I smile at him. "Here we are."

We leave the bar with my arm around Oli's waist and his around my shoulders, both three drinks heavier. We walk around a few blocks until Oli decides to call a cab to get us to his place. He makes that decision, not me. But I don't protest either. I don't want to go home because he won't be there. Simple drunk logic, as easy as that. The cab driver does not seem to find us that amusing even though he must've seen far worse in his lifetime. All me and Oli do is giggle, tell each other bad puns and exchange the occasional kiss but not even cheesy, just pecks because we're too fucked up for more.

Somehow, Oli still manages to get out of the car first, walk around it and open the door for me. He takes a deep breath of the fresh air and reaches out for my hand. With his help, I step out and pay the cab driver since Oli has been paying for all of my drinks and the little snack I had. We wave at the car driving away for what feels like five minutes, then Oli spins around with my hand in his and I follow him to the door. He unlocks it after three attempts and I wonder how three cocktails could have fucked big old me up so bad. I mean, Oli's a stick and I'm not surprised but me?

I stumble into his apartment behind him and drop down on the sofa. "I think there must be something wrong with me" I mumble. He takes off his jacket and slips out of his boots before sitting down next to me. "Why?" "I can usually handle more." "Well, guess you were wrong" he grins and his head rests against my shoulder. I giggle. "No, not with that weight, trust me." Suddenly, he sits straight and stares straight at me.

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