Chapter 4

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I ran across the streets nearly hitting cars and people, my heart was racing and the adrenalin had kicked in so hard I could feel my own heart pound against my chest. I turned the corner almost falling as I stopped in front of the door. My hand immidiately started Hitting the door hoping someone would open quickly. As I was about to hit it again the door opened revealing a very shocked women. "Is Tyler home?" I breathed completely out of Breath. "No he left about two......." "Do you know where he went." I said cutting her off. "No he didn't...." I didn't even let her finish as I started running back to the streets. Him not telling his adoptive mom where he went could mean two things, one he was going away and not coming back, two he would go to the Woods with me to our big old Oak tree. That thought made my heart ache a little, thinking about him sitting there on his own. At least I was hoping he would be there and not somewhere in China.

I had already passed half of the Woods and started Losing hope, I hadn't heard him move or make any sounds what so ever. It scared me a little, he used to always tell me where he went and what he would do and here I was in a forest looking for him. It was only a few more meters to the big Oak tree and as I turned the corner I saw the big tree, but that was also the only thing I saw, I Walked around the tree like three times before I really realised he wasn't here. I slowly dropped down to the ground resting my back against the tree and let out a big sigh. I hadn't realised it till now but maybe I really did loose my best and only friend. I mean I know he takes everything seriously, and I know he tries to do what he Thinks is best which probably in his head is leaving me alone. And I have to admit I would've done exactly the Same.

God I suck at keeping friends, or even making them! I am the most awkward and rude person without even trying.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard voices coming my way. I quickly got up shaking my hands making my long nails visible. I however quickly got rid of them again because i recognised the voices. I started walking towards them not really thinking about what to say to them. "Hey!" I yelled to Ben and Devan when I saw them going deeper in the Woods. "Hey Alex!" Ben yelled waving like an idiot. He grabbed his friend and came running over to me. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked slightly laughing. "Well don't freak out but we heard....about these murders and this women...she misses her head, and they haven't found it yet so...." "So you're looking for a head?" I asked finishing his sentence. "It was his idea, what are you doing here actually?" Devan asked raising his eyebrow. "My dad's a sherrif, he told me about the head and stuff, I got curious, like you guys I suppose." I said just making up a story that was actually a little bit true. "Well then we can look together." I nodded even though I just saw my plan fall apart, I was actually planning on sending them away for safety but I have no clue how i would do that without making it weird. And trust me, right now i could use some people that didn't walk away from me as soon as they saw me.

We kept walking for a little while, till we reached the dirt road. "I see nothing dude." Devan said grabbing Ben's shoulder. "Off course not, the police was here, we need to look close by." "If it was an animal he probably took of with it." I said not feeling to comfortable. "She's right!" Devan said pointing to me. "Ah come on guys we can at least take a look." Ben said already looking through the trees and on the ground for any tracks. "I guess." I said just looking around for a bit, something about this road just Just like how I felt when I had to walk to school. I couldn't smell or hear anything, it just wasn't a nice feeling. It made my heart feel rather heavy.

And it had every reason to.

After a little while the feeling got worse and i actually indeed started hearing something, it was like a......a soft heartbeat. But it was Tyler's heartbeat, and the feeling I got wasn't from Tyler. "Guys we should go!" I said finding the whole thing a bit to sketchy. "Why, did you see something?" Devan said turning around. "Something like that." I said as I grabbed both guys's arms and Pulled them with me to the road. Tyler's heartbeat got louder but so got the feeling. We all started walking back the way we came but I knew I was too late.

"ALEEEEEX!" Tyler's voice yelled.

All three of us turned around to see him coming our way. "ALEX RUN!" He yelled as he saw us. Both Ben and Devan looked rather confused at me, and I completely understood why. "Come on guys, we have to go!" I said as I grabbed their arms even tighter and started running. Tyler soon catched up running next to us as we tried to escape whatever it was that scared Tyler so much he ran from it. As we ran Devan's  breathing got louder and louder. "Come on man!" Ben yelled clearly scared to death as he heard his friend struggle. "It's okay Devan we'll be out of this place in no time." I said looking at his exhausted face. Tyler now grabbed his other arm trying to help me pull him with us. "Alex." He breathed almost tripping over his own legs. "Just a little bit more." I said knowing I was lying. "We're almost there." Tyler said helping me out. "Alex i'm struggling too." Ben said coughing. "Just a little further." I said turning my head to Ben. "Alex I honestly can't." Devan mumbled as he almost fell over making me pulling him back up. "Shit!" Tyler suddenly mumbled. I looked behind me and immidiately knew why he cussed.

The biggest alpha ever came running our way.

"We can't beat that, not with them!" I yelled over to Tyler. "We can't beat what?" Ben asked scared as hell. "Nothing just...keep running!" Tyler yelled. "Don't look back!" I yelled as I grabbed an even tighter hold of Devan's arm. "I wanna see what's going to kill me!" He said as he tried to pull loose from my grip. "It's not gonna kill you!" "Alex you don't get it!" He yelled breathing very heavily. "Just don't give up!" Tyler said sounding harsh and serieus.


Ben suddenly said pointing to a big hole in the ground. "Go in there!" Tyler yelled. Ben quickly went on hands and knees climbing down into the hole with Tyler following him in, as soon as i was about to go in a heard a loud scream behind me. I turned around seeing the alfa had Devan in his mouth shaking him from left to right. "ALEX!" He yelled out  of extreme fear. "I'm coming!" I yelled back quickly getting back up and running over to him, in that process i had revealed my fangs and nails. I started growling at it hoping it would get distracted and let go of Devan. "Alex don't!" Tyler suddenly yelled coming out of the hole. "I'm not letting him die!" I snarled. "You have to he's too strong." He said grabbing my arm. I turned around and janked my arm out of his hand. "You either help me or go back to Ben but you won't stop me!" I said sounding way angrier then I expected. He immidiately let out his nails and fangs and nodded.

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