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On Monday, Kurt,Finn,Mom,Burt and I were all at Finn's locker because Mom and Burt had some big news to tell us.

"We're engaged!" Mom screamed.

Kurt and I immediately hugged each other. I went to hug Finn but he was paralysed, I elbowed him and he looked at me confused.

"Don't worry, Olivia and I will take care of everything, you're band is going to be The New Directions!" Said Kurt excitedly.

And we all went our own ways.

"Hey,Sweetie. Guess what?" I asked Artie.

"What?" he answered.

"Mom and Burt are engaged!" I shouted, jumping into his arms.

"Congratulations!" He said.

"And I'm the bridesmaid and New Directions are preforming," I finished.

We talked for awhile then went to class.
While walking to class, I saw Karofsky had pushed Kurt into the lockers.

"What is your problem?" I yelled at Karofsky.

"What?" He asked.

"Stop bullying my brother!" I answered.

"Ooo, I'm so scared," he said jokingly.

I was about to leaping on him and beat him up. But as soon as I jumped up, I felt two arms around my waist dragging me away.

"Let me go!" I said.

"Fine,"said Mike.

"What was that for?" I asked him.

"No, what was that for?" He said pointing to Karofsky.

"He is bullying Kurt and I will not stand for it!" I shouted.

"But if you beat him up, it will make you just as bad as him," Mike said wisely.

"Okay, thank you," I said hugging him.

I walked to Ms.Sylvester's office and walked in.

"Coach, we need to talk," I told her.

"Okay,Liv.Shoot," she replied.

"Kurt is getting bullied."

"Keep talking," she told me.

"Karofsky keeps bullying Kurt."I said.

"Why?" She asked

"I have no idea!" I replied.

"Well, next time you see him bully Kurt, you and Kurt come straight to me. Got it?" She asked.

"Got it.Thank you, Coach," I said walking out of her office.

The next day, Kurt, Mr.Shue and I were in Ms.Sylvester's office.
Kurt was saying about how much Karofsky was terrifying him.

"I'm sorry, Lady but there's nothing —legally—I can do. But I will be an extra pair of eyes in the corridors. If he lays a hand on you, come to me and I will expel him." Said Coach.

"Thank you! But when you call me lady, you are bullying me!" said Kurt.

Coach told him to chose between 3 names and he choose Porcelain.


Rachel got Quinn,Tina and I into the choir room and said..

"We all know Kurt is getting bullied, so he should tell our boyfriend to comfort Karofsky," Rachel told us.

"I'm not dating Sam!" said an angry Quinn.

"Okay. What about you two?" Rachel asked Tina and I.

"Of course!" we said in unison.

I was walking around school, looking for Artie. I went up to him and told him about Karofsky.

"Of course, I'll do it!" he said.

"Thank you! I love you," I said kissing him.

"I love you too!" He replied.

~The next day~

Coach Sylvester told me to hang posters in the boys changing rooms.
I was in the changing rooms when I heard,

"Stop bullying Kurt or else" said Artie.

"Or else what? We'll sing-off," Karofsky said laughing.

"Back off!" said Mike slamming Karofsky's locker into his face.

Then Karofsky punched Mike in the shoulder and Mike fell to the floor.
After that, he punched Artie on the neck.

I ran to Artie but on my way, Karofsky pushed my into the lockers and I hit my head off the locker and fell to the ground as well.

Now Sam and Karofsky were fighting, Mike and Artie were helping me stand up.

"Thanks guys!" I whispered, hugging both of them.

Coach Beiste came in and broke it up, I went back to hanging my posters up.

~Glee Club~

Tina had an ice pack on Mike's shoulder.
Quinn had an ice pack on Sam's eye.
I had an ice pack on Artie's neck.

"It looks like a huge hickey," I told Artie.

"What happened?" Asked Mr.Shue coming into the room.

"The boys stood up to Karofsky!" said Mercedes.

"Apart from Finn," said Rachel annoyed.

"Thank you to everyone especially Sam, but this isn't going to help," said Kurt.

"Let's just move past this, because we have a wedding to preform."

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