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I woke up the next moning and my first thought was this, 'Fuck I'm gonna throw up.'

'Wow Shawn, just wow,' my inner voice said.

'What? You're me, you should feel like throwing up too.'

I got up and walked to my closet. Dammit, what the hell am I suppose to wear. Today was my date with Em, and I swear I'm freaking out. Which is so weird, cause you know I've had millions of dates.

'Shawn,' my voice said strictly, 'It is nine a.m. calm down. Damn your making such a big deal about it. God Trent was right you are in lo-'

'Don't!' I cut him off, 'Just don't.'

I grabbed a pair of soccer shorts and the matching top. I mean if you have the top of say the Italian team, your not going to put on the Brazilian team shorts. That's just messed up.

After getting dressed I walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

"So you flip them like this," Suzie asked as she grabbed the pan with both hands and tried to flip the pancake. It ended lopsided and I chuckled. Tori and Cole were sitting at the table with Bill.

Mom being the awesome mom she is, was teaching Suzie how to make a pancake.

"Don't worry Suzie, you'll get it eventually." Mom said.

Suzie sighed, "I guess."

She walked over and joined my brothers, Tori, Bill, and me at the table. Mom smiled and continued baking the pancakes.

"Shawn honey," mom said, "Can you go wake Blake up, the pancakes are almost done."

I groaned, "Why do you always ask me?"

It's true, mom always asks me to wake up Blake. Maybe because she's so used to asking me to wake him up, but still. It'd be nice if she asked Cole for a change. I got up and headed back upstairs and to Blake's room. I burst through the door and had my hands up like they were guns.

"Hands up! Nobody move!" I yelled.

Blake fell out of his bed, the covers covering his nakedness. His covers hung around his lower region while he only showed his chest and legs.

You see, me and Cole always sleep in our boxers, Blake's the only one that sleeps naked in this family.

"What the hell Shawn? You fucking scared the shit out of me!" Blake exclaimed.

I leaned on the door frame laughing my butt off, "You-your face!"

"What do you want?" Blake growled.

"Mom told me to tell you that the pancakes are almost done. So do us all a favor and get some pants on," I waved my hand and walked back downstairs with a smile across my face.

"What did you do?" Cole asked when he saw me.

"I didn't do anything," I lied sitting down at the table.

Mom chuckled and brought us a huge stack of pancakes, "Enjoy."

We all grabbed a pancake and put it on our plates.

"Mmmmm....these are so good," Bill said as he took a bite.

"Better than mine daddy?" Tori asked sweetly.

Suzie laughed, "Let's be honest Tori you can't make a pancake if your life depended on it."

We all laughed at what Suzie said and Tori shrugged. I got up from the table and went to the pantry.

I grabbed the syrup, some sprinkles, the Nutella, chocolate chips, and then went to the fridge to get the whipped cream.

I looked back at everyone with a devious smile, "Hehe."

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