happy ever after.. but not forever!! ch.23

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hey guys here is the last chapter hope you enjoy so here it is the last chapter haha sounds funny saying it now I have a sequel ready its going to be based on Rosy's little girl and her brothers so here it is I will clue you in on the names as well haha

xx from goldengoose226 xx



It was another 20 minutes before we got Sam back on his feet, an even then we were weary to let him hold the babies in the end he ended up sitting on the couch next to me holding one of the boys. Everyone was really itching to know what the babies names would be. I was to tired in the end I ended up falling asleep watching Sam's watery eyes as he watched the babies be passed round him. At that moment I was at peace with myself.



I sat there watching my babies until late into the night I had held all of my boys but it had seemed every time I wanted to hold my little girl. Someone had already passed her to someone else. Rosy had been asleep for quiet some time now. Everyone had headed back to were they would be staying until Rosy and the babies could go home, thanks to the generous Alpha who I have known since I was a kid. I just hoped Rosy would wake up soon so we could name the kids.

I heard a little cry start in one of the cribs I got up quickly as to not wanting the others to wake up then course Rosy to as well. I went over and saw my baby girl wide awake she looked just like Rosy except she had my eyes. She looked up at me with wide, watery eyes. I picked her up cooing at her telling her it was okay. I sat back down and rocked her back and forth shushing her crying till she was just looking at me .

"I promise with all my being nothing will ever happen to you never. I can't wait to see you grow up and find your mate. So you can see how lucky I am to have found your mother. You look to like your mommy when you grow up you will be the most beautiful girl in the pack. You never have to worry about not being able to talk to anyone.. because you always have me little one, always." And with that I watched my baby girl go asleep and my other girl wake up.

"Hey baby how are you?" I asked Rosy quietly

"I'm okay a little tired but that's normal for it you seem like you've already got the hang of being a Daddy! Hmmmmmm!" I blushed and chuckled at her looking down I saw my little girl asleep but smiling up at  me. At that moment I knew I would never let anything hurt her never. She was my little girl and no one is going to tell her different she will be a daddy's girl.

"So what do you want to call them?" I asked

"How about a deal?" She looked at me smirking

"What deal? I only ask because last time it got you in a lot of trouble including Jenna and the girls." I remembered.

"You get to name 1 boy and our little girl.... if we can call one Luke?" I nodded confused.

"Why Luke?" I asked her

"Because... it sounds like luck and I feel lucky to have them and you, so do you agree baby boy 1 in now known as Luke? what could his middle name be?" She asked

"Ermm... how about Luke Jacob Redford or Ravencroft? if you want them to have your last name I don't mind." I said looking down at my baby girl.

"Why would I want them to be Ravencroft when there daddy is a Redford?" I looked up at her happily

"Really?" I asked


"Okay so we have Luke Jacob Redford, now onto baby boy number 2, how about Blake Junior after your dad that's what I'm picking." I told her

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